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“Making Waves” in Another Country: Is It Easy?

The preceding blog on Migration, entitled “The New Wave of Immigrants in the U.S.” briefly discussed on why people emigrate. People move freely, transport out their families to other countries and look for better opportunities, if and when given the chance. It is their inherent right to travel to any place either for leisure or for exploration purposes, be it for business, employment or to build a new home. When people decide to move out to a new place, what they have in mind is a positive stance, that everything will fall into place, that it will make their lives … more »


What An Epic Finale for the 2014 Men’s Wimbledon Championship

At first, I thought it was a game of “Aces” as both Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic were darn good at making points in first serves. Although, it takes a lot of practice to develop a world-class expertise in tennis, particulalry the sending down of “Aces” , I was no longer enthralled on how the game was being played, it started to be a bit dull. For me, it is more exciting  to watch tennis games where 2 players rally back and forth until a point is scored. I thought whoever gets to return the ball and gets the point … more »


How To Mend the Heart of A Broken Angel

Angelina strove hard to mend her broken heart.  In fact, she was able to compose another poem with a dozen stanzas on how she did it.  She must have been truly inspired with the way her life is going at the moment.  The  poem briefly explains why.  Her faith in God is the reason for her happiness. Hereunder is the poem, entitled: “Fixing the Bruised Heart of A Broken Angel” When those you love deeply reject you, leave you, or die, your heart will be broken and there is nothing you can do but cry. Mending a broken heart is … more »


Inclusion Matters at the 2014 Philippine Fashion Week

The principle of “Social Inclusion” does not only refer to certain agenda of large development and multilateral organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank but it also covers other specific areas and concerns of other relatively smaller organizations in the society. Among others, the objective of social inclusion is primarily to empower communities and the people themselves to improve their lives. Social inclusion go beyond poverty reduction involving policies in governance, climate change, population structure, education, and even in church related activities and arts. These inclusions and transitions would not only require changing certain norms, i.e. by … more »


The Feeling of A Broken Angel: An Update About Angelina

Do you still recall  about the “Online Romance of Brad and Angelina”.   Surely,  what happened to their marriage was mind boggling. Almost everyone of Angelina’s friends suggested that moving on was the best thing to do.  But it is easier said than done particularly if it is your first time in a  new place; it could be riveting and disorienting.  Her funds were dwindling,  there was no one to turn to,  and no shoulders of  families and relatives to cry on.  But with her strong faith and  God’s blessings,  Angelina was able to continue with her life in the Land … more »


World Economic Forum: Will It Be Beneficial To Us?

As the name implies, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is not just an ordinary  forum, but a high-profile gathering of leaders, men and women in Governments, Businesses, Non-Governmental Organizations and  civil society throughout the world to discuss on the world’s economic (past and present) challenges. WEF is one of the organizations which embraces globalization, trade liberalization, private sector participation and other related economic development jargon. WEF is a Geneva-based non-profit organization, wherein its Annual General Meetings are usually held in Davos, Switzerland. Apart from its Annual Meetings, WEF also holds regional meetings each year in a pre-identified location which is … more »


The Online Romance of “Brad and Angelina”: Tips and Thoughts

For confidentiality, let’s call the main characters of this true to life story: “Brad” and “Angelina”. Objectives: To raise awareness about online romance in social networking sites; To provide tips on how to survive after a failed marriage; and To prevent similarly situated cases from occurring in the future Overview: Social networking sites are sources to millions of people worldwide for anything, e.g. business, job search, love, marriage, as in name it, you got it! It was here that Angelina, a pretty, single and young urban professional Filipina in her late 20′s met her husband Brad, an Australian of her … more »


Love is Real And Love is God!

Love is amazing, it comes in so many formsl and in mysterious ways! But sometimes, it is crazy too, right? God’s love for us is the most wonderful thing in our lives, the genuineness, sans conditionalities; it is the kind of love that comes from the heart! You know what that means! This is a preview of my next blog  about a real life situation of a whirlwind romance and marriage which turned out very differently, a shocker indeed! It is about a woman’s dream to build a “life” with her love.  In hindsight, she realized there was not enough … more »


Reminiscing My Mother: A Tribute

This is to highlight the salient features of my Mom, how she handled herself as a mother to her 9 children, even without going through Motherhood 101! I recall posting the same subject matter 3 years ago, a year after she passed away and it was difficult for me at that time putting this in writing, every description of her entire life as a mother. But I had to do it, how I feel about her even in just words. Even if she’s no longer visibly around, she remains to be a guide, protector and a friend. There were times … more »


The Saga of An Underemployed Immigrant: An Update

Update: Ana, who used to be my mentee in one of the non profit organizations based in NYC is no longer among the more than 10 million jobless Americans (BLS data shows a 6.7% unemployment rate as of April 2014). While she had learned to accept the stark reality that her acquired professional designation in her home country and the high-profile nature of her career did not open a wide range of career opportunities for her in the city like NYC, she did not rest and quit.  Instead, she shared her knowledge by teaching special kids while doing her career … more »