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Feng Shui Lucky Colors For 2015: How It Differs From Pantone’s?

Pantone Color Institute (Pantone), the company officially recognized to select the Color of the Year specifically for fashion, has chosen “Marsala” as the 2015 Color of the Year. According to Pantone, “Marsala” is a “naturally robust and earthy wine red”, a subtly seductive, hearty and stylish shade which would be universally appealing not only to the fashion industry but also to industrial designs, home furnishings and interiors. In contrast with Pantone’s color for 2015,  feng shui experts suggested certain colors believed to bring “luck” and “success”.  These  lucky colors vary depending on one’s birthday and birth time using so-called Yin-Yang … more »


Chinatown and Its Lunar New Year: How It Influences Us!

With more than a billion (1.36bn) people, there is no doubt that the Chinese would have the greatest diaspora in almost every major city in the world. They live and work abroad,  most of them traders,  and that is the reason why there is a so-called “Chinatown” being integrated everywhere in the world from industrialized to relatively small developing nations. For instance and as previously mentioned(, the United States has to date about 4 million Chinese Americans, comprising the bulk of Asian Americans who have migrated to the United Sates, and most of them are in New York City. I … more »


What Love Means To Me….

Once upon a time, I had this kind of love Where “I’m sorry” was often uttered “Sorry” I missed to send flowers and messages And to have missed and cheered your day!” But love is never having to say you’re sorry Rather, it should have compassion and understanding As Love forgives, understands mistakes, failures and limitations It is pure and heart centered which melts ego away! Loving someone is the most beautiful thing I’ve experienced so far Without love, my life would have been like a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal Yes, it is a complicated thing; odd sometimes … more »


“Blown Away”: A Reflection on Pope Francis’ Wonderful Journey To The Philippines!

Many of us have probably seen , either in person or on television, some funny and happy moments of the Holy Father from the time the Sri Lankan Airways touched the Philippines’ soil. One was when he peeked through the window plane with his signature “Papal smile” just like a little boy excited to see what’s  going on the ground! Another one was when he stepped out of the aircraft and was greeted not only by ecstatic young well-wishers but also by the gust tropical wind which blew away his white skull cap and his white zucchetto which flew off … more »


Mother Nature Is Amazing: The Clouds Above Me!

Lately, I have been getting the privilege of watching beautiful images of the sky and its environment from my current vantage point which tethered me to and re-sparked my interest in photography. Mother nature has been lavished in sharing me its charming beauty of the mountains, the sun, the moon, clouds and stars. As I looked up the sky,  various landscapes, scenery and shapes of animals are being formed. I am referring to the clouds, decorating the atmosphere with vibrant hues and silky strokes.   It is just incredible to see how their heads and tails sway up in the … more »


2015: The Year of Consecrated Life and the Poor!

Few days from now, Pope Francis will be in the Philippines for a five-day (January 15-19, 2014) state and apostolic visit primarily to comfort and inspire Filipinos particularly the typhoon and earthquake victims in the Visayas.  According to reports, the Holy Father specifically wishes to share his time and to be with the suffering people, urging everyone to strengthen their christian faith especially in trying times. This is the reason why the central theme for the Holy Father’s visit to the Philippines is “mercy and compassion” or “Awa at Malasakit” in our native tongue. Indeed, all of us can be … more »


A Happy New Year and A New Faith To All!

When I was young, I have learned in my catechism classes that there are three basic tenets in our Christian life so as to gain everlasting happiness with God in Heaven: to know, to love, and to serve God. I have observed that as one grows older, the said “childlike” tag line had seemed to be a mere precept sourced from an “old catechism school”, a remnant of our grandparents’ age, so to speak, which have already been forgotten and unheeded by many of us including the children and the children’s children. Various factors could have contributed to the said … more »


Christmas And The Holy Souls In Purgatory!

Here we are again, Christmas is just just a few days away! For now,   I won’t delve on Christmas being the most exciting time of the year,  the time for merriment and gift giving but from another perspective. One time prior to Halloween eve, my former CCD kids were surprised when I asked them to write down on a ¼ art paper the names of their loved ones who have passed away and to drop them in a tin can placed at the center of our makeshift altar. Thereafter, we formed a circle  holding hands and praying together for … more »


Canada’s Gift To The Philippines!

The issue on Canadian’s waste being dumped in the Philippines really bothered me from the time it flared up early this year. Now, it’s Christmas time and the said waste still sit and linger in the Philippines’  soil and air. Does Philippines deserve this kind of “unwanted gift” from a country who has reputation for magnificent scenery, cleanliness and plentiful eco-friendly flora and fauna? The appalling sight of 50 (not just 1) container vans filled with hazardous wastes (household trash, old newspapers, plastic bags, adult diapers and other foul smelling materials weighing a total of 891.200.6 kilograms, equivalent to US$222,800.15 … more »


A Happy Thanksgiving Meal to Millions of Undocumented Immigrants!

For many, Thanksgiving Day is the most important holiday in the U.S. where Americans would take the holiday off and spend time with family and friends, catching up and  enjoying their Thanksgiving turkey. I know right, Thanksgiving Day is not meant to give thanks to and hail immigrants, it is not Immigration Day! Hello??? However, millions of undocumented immigrants would have more reasons to celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving Day in view of President Obama’s unilateral decision pursuant to an  executive order issued last week providing relief from deportation to about 5 million of undocumented immigrants (of which approximately  600,000 to … more »