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The Mother Who Rocked The Cradle!

I don’t mind saying the same salient features about my mother over and over again. I thank God for making mothers like mine! For me, she was the greatest! Even if she’s no longer visibly around, she remains  a guide, protector and a friend. There were times that she appeared to me in my dreams together with my Dad, who left years ahead of her, making me feel that they are still looking after their children, appreciating of our accomplishments and comforting us in our trials and tribulations. When it comes to my parents, I tend to be emotionally fragile, … more »


Meet The 2015 Distinguished Fil-Am Women in NY!

U.S. Census Bureau showed that Filipinos in the United States are currently the second largest Asian community (about 3.4 million immigrants plus 1 million undocumented), majority of them are in the West Coast (e.g. California, etc.). However, there is also a growing Filipino community in the East Coast particularly New York and New Jersey but it is the Chinese and Indians who occupy the top immigrant post. As mentioned in my previous blogs, some Filipino-Americans (Fil-Ams) are making waves in the U.S. considering their nature of work and valuable contributions to the entire community, Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike. As previously … more »


A Glass of Clean Water, Please?

Pope Francis recently made a call and recognized water as the “most essential element for life”. He said “humanity’s future depends on our ability to care for it and share it” and encouraged governments to ensure that water supplies are protected and accessible to all. Definitely, the above-captioned subject with a big question mark does not emanate from some of us who have access to and can afford to pay for an adequate supply of potable drinking water. Rather, the said plea comes from those who are facing water scarcity or even the lack of it in their homes, in … more »


“Womenomics” Boosts Japan’s Super Moms To Rock The Boardrooms!

In line with the celebration of the Women’s Month/International Women’s Day,  which is usually held in March, this blog shall specifically delve on Japan’s innovative set of policies called “Womenomics” which was formulated primarily to complement “Abenomics” and to revitalize Japan’s long-moribund economy. Under the said revitalization program, Japan’s Government is set to implement pro-women economic measures which empower Japanese women to play a vital role in the workplace. Despite its prosperity and being one of the G7 industrialized nations, Japan is still faced with mounting challenges. While the global economy inched up in terms of economic growth,  Japan’s economy … more »


My First St. Patrick’s Day Event!

St. Patrick is one of the saints I admire because of his courage and endurance even at a young age. According to one of his life stories, St. Patrick was abducted by thieves when he was young and sold into slavery in Ireland where he worked as a shepherd which lasted until he was 20 years of age. The hardships and trials he encountered being a slave led him to a deep and profound spirituality. He escaped after years of capitivity and went back to his homeland in Scotland and was reunited with his family. He studied priesthood and was … more »


My Useful Tips’ 5th Year In The Blogosphere: A Blessing!

My, my, my! How fast time flies! Today, she is on her 5th year in the blogosphere, practically in her kindergarten years, but still acquiring innovative skills and useful tips  on how to thrive in the world of social media. She didn’t realize that new world of blogosphere can unearth some of her abilities and develop new friendly relationships that goes beyond a simple blog post exchange. She could still recall, it was a bitter cold snowy night when My Useful Tips was launched, nostalgic evoking fond memories but with happiness,  and with the help of a very talented software … more »


The Nerds and Geeks of NYC’s “Lab Ratz”: The Stage Play!

There are times in our life wherein we encounter friends who are slightly different from the majority normal average people. These are men and women who are presently called “nerds” or “geeks” and sometimes mistaken as “genius”, or probably they could be! Have you run into some of them? I did! He had a clean-shaven face, boy-next-door type but with thick glasses on. Some of  my teen chums viewed him as weird as his jokes were “out-of-this world”; his anti-social outlook made him boring. He was too preoccupied with books and studies which according to him quite made him a … more »


Ash Wednesday: A Gentle Reminder/Call!

Few days ago, we had Valentine’s Day and this week’s Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, two very important celebrations in our lives. And, so? What’s the correlation between Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s day? Well, there is a connection in a way! Apart from being celebrated under the love-month of February, both events have a common variable and that’s “LOVE “. Let me elaborate this before I proceed to the main issue. Some people say that just like bread, expressing love to someone else (couples, sweethearts, etc) should be made fresh everyday and not just on a particular day! But, we have … more »


Feng Shui Lucky Colors For 2015: How It Differs From Pantone’s?

Pantone Color Institute (Pantone), the company officially recognized to select the Color of the Year specifically for fashion, has chosen “Marsala” as the 2015 Color of the Year. According to Pantone, “Marsala” is a “naturally robust and earthy wine red”, a subtly seductive, hearty and stylish shade which would be universally appealing not only to the fashion industry but also to industrial designs, home furnishings and interiors. In contrast with Pantone’s color for 2015,  feng shui experts suggested certain colors believed to bring “luck” and “success”.  These  lucky colors vary depending on one’s birthday and birth time using so-called Yin-Yang … more »


Chinatown and Its Lunar New Year: How It Influences Us!

With more than a billion (1.36bn) people, there is no doubt that the Chinese would have the greatest diaspora in almost every major city in the world. They live and work abroad,  most of them traders,  and that is the reason why there is a so-called “Chinatown” being integrated everywhere in the world from industrialized to relatively small developing nations. For instance and as previously mentioned(, the United States has to date about 4 million Chinese Americans, comprising the bulk of Asian Americans who have migrated to the United Sates, and most of them are in New York City. I … more »