Helpful Tips On What To Do During An Earthquake

I was triggered to write this article in view of the major recent earthquakes that hit certain parts of the globe within a span of two months in year 2010. Major ones were the one that hit Chile today (February 27) with a catastrophic magnitude of 8.8 on the Richter Scale and another in Haiti (January 12) with a 7.0 magnitude. It may be normal to be paranoid or to feel scared (especially for children) of the occurrence of the said natural calamity of this enormity. We all know that several lives and properties were lost in the said earthquakes … Continue reading Helpful Tips On What To Do During An Earthquake

Useful Tips on Cleaning Snow Off Your Car

For February 2010, the Metro New Yorkers were lucky to get snow falls for a couple of days. Honestly, just like a child, I am still amazed and delighted to see snow falls once in a while. The falling fluffy white stuff just engulfed me and it makes the surroundings perfectly look immaculate and romantic. However, this morning on my way to school, I saw cars full of snow and ice. For those who have no garage at home, their cars could be easily exposed to this natural beauty which afterwards could be an undesired chore. Cleaning up the snow … Continue reading Useful Tips on Cleaning Snow Off Your Car

Useful Tips On How To Widen Circle of Friends

Did you know that February is the International Friendship Month? Well, Yes! So, that makes it extraordinary and timely to celebrate the special bond among friends! I remember this particular verse from a song: “No man is an island, No man stands alone..” which merely reiterates that all people throughout the world, even great men and women, recognize the importance of friendship. This blog is my way of appreciating and paying tribute to the word “Friendship” and to all of my wonderful friends! Here are some tips on how to win new friends: 1. Knock on Door of Your Neighbors … Continue reading Useful Tips On How To Widen Circle of Friends

10 Easy Useful Tips for A Good Wake Up/Morning Routine

Waking up in the morning can be so difficult and tedious particularly if you have a bad night sleep or if there is nothing exciting to look forward to during the day. Whatever means of waking up you're attuned to (either by a normal biological wake up time, or by a partner or a wake up buddy, or by an alarm clock or a high tech gadget), the following suggested tips may be undertaken: 1. SAY A SHORT PRAYER OR MEDITATE BEFORE GETTING OUT OF BED. Talking to your God will give you inner peace and satisfaction after thanking HIM … Continue reading 10 Easy Useful Tips for A Good Wake Up/Morning Routine

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