School Year-End Activities – Helpful Tips and Thoughts

Wow! What a great school year!!!! Summer vacation has just started  for some students here in the US. Most of the schools are still busy preparing for their culminating activities particularly for those graduating in middle and high schools. Students who have exerted more effort and performed excellently in class will definitely receive awards and recognition from their respective Alma Maters. However, for students who are in lower grades/levels and have showed outstanding performance normally gets awards during recognition day. Have you ever seen the reaction of children receiving awards in school for their good performance  or have you experienced yourself … Continue reading School Year-End Activities – Helpful Tips and Thoughts

Organizing A Choir – 3rd Series of Tips and Thoughts

Hello, folks, I’m here again to blog about the subject. Please bear with me, if I may sound like so excited to give you updates on how our choir is doing. It is just so amazing how God answers prayers – indeed, sometimes in really strange unexpected ways, right? As in some choir groups, our newly formed choir is made up of busy volunteers from our parish who view their membership as a stewardship of their 3T’s, time, treasure and talent? Rather than being with their respective families during weekends, the members find time to be with the group for … Continue reading Organizing A Choir – 3rd Series of Tips and Thoughts

E-Crafting – Useful Tips and Thoughts

   I just realized that the other side of me is an artist. From music , photography, drawing , designing to crafting , you name it – I am doing it now! Doing useful things in your spare time is quite nice and gratifying, especially if you love what you’re doing and that you’re doing it for the good of the community. Last month, I wrote something about the significance of Earth Day. But it didn’t stop there, I went out of my way to check if the kids in our community understand the impact and importance of the said … Continue reading E-Crafting – Useful Tips and Thoughts

Fashion Faux Pas – Useful Tips On How To Avoid It

 I didn’t have the slightest hint in my life that I will be given the chance to observe fashion in a large metropolis like the Big Apple. With a year of experience in the city’s fashion industry and a daily late afternoon stroll before going home, along the busy street of 7th Avenue, NY’s fashion district, it was a sight to behold watching people from all walks of life strutting their fashion stuffs. I saw people wearing all sorts of style, from formal coat and tie/ladies power suits to  rugged denim jeans and shirts,  along the sidewalks of the street. … Continue reading Fashion Faux Pas – Useful Tips On How To Avoid It