Let It Snow, Let It Snow…..

  What happened on the 21st of January even off my frustration last December. I was expecting a white christmas celebration but no snowfall came. Last Saturday, however, I woke up with snowfalls gently knocking on my door! It was beautiful to see the roads all covered with fine crystals of snow. Being a snow buff, I went out straightaway to enjoy the snowfalls even if they were starting to fade away. I simply revelled in the winter beauty of the earth and the said snowfalls perfectly made my day! It's just amazing how nature make us happy! Right guys? … Continue reading Let It Snow, Let It Snow…..

Simple Wishes From Young Minds – A New Year’s Resolution

  Ordinarily, when students go back to school in January after the winter or Christmas break , they would be asked by their teachers to list down their New Year's Resolutions. Based on experience, it is much easier to encourage middle school kids to formulate their resolutions than those in high school and college. New Year's resolutions can be similar to formulation of short, medium or long-term plans and programs in a corporate or business settings. The need to review the past year's performance and make assessments on which areas or operations should be stopped or would require improvements are … Continue reading Simple Wishes From Young Minds – A New Year’s Resolution

Friends In Need…. : Tips and Thoughts

  Are friends in deed, indeed! Some would say, you're a “real” friend when you're around in good and most particularly in bad times. That's why we are truly blessed when we are endowed with friends who are there when we needed them the most, minus vested interests. The lack of material things, monetary and non-monetary, is definitely not a hindrance to comfort a friend in need. Our presence and some other form of assistance are more than enough to express our love and concern for a friend who's experiencing life's uncertainties and problems.  The tropical storm “Sendong” or “Washi” … Continue reading Friends In Need…. : Tips and Thoughts

Tangerines and Oranges Are IN!

While Tangerines and Oranges are in demand these days because of the nutrients (e.g. Vitamin C) they feed our bodily systems, and  they boost our stamina and immunity particularly during winter season, their beautiful color is  likewise  the latest craze in town, particularly in fashion and design! Officially recognized as the company to select the Color of the Year , Pantone Color Institute has chosen “Tangerine Tango” as the 2012 color of the year. As described by Pantone, Tangerine Tango is something deep orange or what they specifically call “spirited reddish-orange”. Preferably, I go for subdued pastel colors, girly-lady like … Continue reading Tangerines and Oranges Are IN!

Persons Are Gifts….

“Persons are gifts…..they come all wrapped so differently, some so loosely, others so tightly, but wrappings are not the gifts”…., and so the song goes.  A nun taught us this beautiful song in our teens and its simple lyrics struck me more than its melody which is pleasing to the ears as well. I’d like to thank her for this, wherever she’s now. We’ve met interesting people in our lives and we’re just grateful for the opportunity to have encountered them, right? There are some of us who have remained faithful despite the distance and the absence of visibility (if … Continue reading Persons Are Gifts….

Hello World, Hello 2012!

It’s now the first day and  the first week of 2012!  Wow! This is something to brag about! It’s the 2nd time for my useful tip’s blog site to welcome the New Year!    Performance wise, Year 2011 was far better than the previous year in terms of traffic figures: dedicated readers, frequent visitors, passers-by, even onlookers (or “lurkers”) from all corners of the globe. While blog posts were lower by 25% primarily due to changes in plans and stricter rules, the write-ups however were made to be relevant with current trends and issues. Hopefully 2012 will be a better … Continue reading Hello World, Hello 2012!