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About My Useful Tips.Com

Welcome to My Useful Tips.com or www.myusefultips.com! In this website, you will see a lot of useful tips which you may apply in your everyday life

  • My Useful Tips.com (MUTC) blog was launched as one of the pilot projects of the various endeavors the owner intends to undertake through the years.
  • Its objective is primarily to provide useful means whereby all people from all walks of life (regardless of location, religion, race, sex, or financial stature ,etc.) shall hopefully be able to undertake, on their own, their day to day activities easily and smoothly .
  • It attempts to encompass most, if not all, of the facets of life : love, spirituality, family, health, fashion, beauty, food, travel, business, economy, education, employment, environment, community organization, choir development, politics and opinions, including your daily routine, among others. Briefly stated, it is all about happiness, simplicity and quality of life.
  • It attests that the information contained herein is for informational and educational purposes only. While data are culled out from personal experiences, contributions from friends and research, it should not be construed as an absolute alternative to sound professional advice.  Articles presented herein are original writings of the blogger and contributors as well.
  • It strives to update the blog content on a regular basis. It makes no warranties and representations of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy and reliability with regard to the information reflected herein.
  • It respects the copyright laws of others. Any use of the blog that is in violation of the said law or any law for that matter, users’ comments, posts, or any submissions in any form shall be removed from this blog. Use or publication of any photographs and articles  owned  by www.myusefultips.com without permission and approval by the owner, is not allowed and therefore  prohibited.  Hence, it is expected that the use of this blog shall be in accordance with existing laws, rules and regulations.

Should there be further clarifications, questions, requests, proposals  and comments about the website, please feel free to contact the owner or the admin at info@myusefultips.com or myusefultips@yahoo.com. Your email addresses shall be kept confidential. Note that any requests for any form of  links and other advertising proposals submitted via the comments section of this blogsite shall  not be entertained.   Said requests should  be formally coursed through the aforesaid email addresses.

Thank you and I hope MUTC perked up your day!

22 responses to “About My Useful Tips.Com”

  1. Shayna Godboldt says:

    I wish myusefultips.com would write blogs very often as it’s informative and entertaining as well. Honestly, with the many noise, garbage and nonsense things hovering over the web, it is rare to see a useful blog like yours.

    • MyUsefulTips says:

      May I request a favor from you guys?

      Please post your comments on a particular blog on the relevant page not anywhere else. I hope you’re aware of the “Golden Rule”.

      Let’s all be professionals in everything we do. If you need something from myusefultips.com, please be “manly” enough to ask it from the admin.

      As for requests for links, myusefultips shall be creating a page where you can freely exchange links, if it so desires in the future, but subject to certain terms and conditions.

      Thank you and all the best for all of us.

  2. Balda says:

    Hi, I just would like you to know that this site is really striking. There are a million of blogsites giving tips (in my case i blog on drivinginsurancetips) on the web but yours is somewhat unique…the coverage is quite broad and encompassing. Looking forward for more fantastic posts from you. I have shared your site in my social networks!

  3. Marty Palchetti says:

    Such wonderful information and an incredible job communicating your message to others. Carry on the good work.

    • MyUsefulTips says:

      Thanks a lot Marty for leaving a note. Greatly appreciate your time.
      Have a nice day and cheers to a new friend!

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  9. Breehl says:

    Good day! My huge thumbs up for the great pieces of writings. Looking forward to visiting your blog soon.

  10. MyUsefulTips says:

    To all myusefultips visitors/readers:
    You are all now part of my circle of new friends on the web!
    Thank you sooooooo much for all your support and
    from the bottom of my heart, I greatly appreciate your wonderful
    comments and words of encouragement, regardless of your intentions and despite everything…..
    Wish you all the very best in your endeavors and I hope someday you’ll share
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  11. Bryan Granda says:

    I’m relatively a newbie in blogging. I find your site to be a good model for my baby place. Is it possible to get some tips from you? Is there a need to hire someone to build or design just so to attract readers? Thanks in advance.

    • MyUsefulTips says:

      Hi Bryan and the rest inquiring about the website. Thank you all for your query! Actually, there are plenty of blogging tips on the web but you just have to be cautious. In my case, I’ve got no concrete tips for now except to be simple in everything, including the use of English language. As they say, simple english is effective english! You don’t have to impress anyone with high fallutin terminologies. Just be yourself when writing but the main secret ingredient is you have to have passion, it has to be expressed from the heart. Of course, experience is the best teacher and that’s what I have. Definitely copying and pasting posts from other sites are a taboo. Be truthful!
      You don’t necessarily have to hire someone to build and design your site as it is so expensive. There are existing free templates offered by certain orgs and if you have the knack for designing things, then you’ll be okay.
      In my case, I got the help of a hard core NYC developer and designer for a fee! Are you kidding, these IT guys are as smart as they are, they can’t just give it to you for free, it’s their bread and butter! But after successful negotiations, I got it for something reasonable 🙂 If you have the dough however, I would like to recommend that you give it a try and talk to a web developer cum designer about your plans and it would definitely give a boost to your webplace. If you wish, I can give you the name of the developer who was generous enough to consider my proposal and for sure he would be glad to assist you on this. All the best!

  12. Alfred Vosquez says:

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    • MyUsefulTips says:

      Thank you for the kind words. You are more blessed because you have a kinder heart (probably) than anyone else!
      God bless you too…

  18. Barias says:

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