About Me

  1. A native from the Eastern part of the globe and currently in the West (USA), then East-West, East-West, East….and so on and so forth. A wanderer, so to speak!

  2. A reluctant traveler , (has avionophobia – fear of air travels) yet was able to withstand thru prayers and guts. Had the chance to visit places in Asia: like the Bangkok-Thailand, Hongkong, Hanoi-Vietnam, Taiwan-Taipei , Singapore, New Delhi, and other places in India , major cities (Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and other places) in Pakistan and the Philippines; Europe: such as Austria-Vienna, Rome-Italy, Frankfurt-Germany, and London, Stratford (Riveravon), Birmingham-England; Wellington and Auckland-New Zealand, Australia, Santiago and Valparaiso-Chile, Sao Paolo and Rio de Janiero in Brazil. Thanks to multilateral and bilateral agencies, government and private financing institutions for the pro bono business and economy class travels, 5 star hotels and accommodations, the wisdom, and technical know-how gained from these experiences!

  3. A supporter of some legitimate non profit organizations

  4. An advocate of community development (poverty, health, shelter, education), corporate governance, environment, human rights, fair play and everything – in short for World Peace!

  5. A teacher (tutor), mentor, adviser and a catechist – she didn’t realize she could be one!

  6. A music lover, can sing well, plays guitar (not an expert) , dance once in a while but definitely not a social drinker!

  7. A green tea (ginger, chamomile ), fruits and nuts enthusiast!

  8. A fashion/entertainment buff

  9. A web/internet savvy homosapien (not a robot)!

  10. A cautious person as far as personal life/details are concerned but happy and contented

  11. Has a passion/ heart to help other people – hence , this blog

  12. A sensitive, sentimental, sometimes persistent and assertive yet gracious, loving, forgiving, hardworking, helpful, patient , and understanding person

  13. Last but not least, she loves and is grateful to GOD

In view of the foregoing, she would like to thank all of you from the bottom of her heart for visiting her site and encourages you to be a regular visitor, contributor, supporter, possibly a sponsor of MUTC and most of all be her new friend!





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