Always and Forever……


Since we were friends,

Since we held hands,

Since we went on our first date,

I have always been attracted to you.


Since we first held each other,

Since that first long kiss,

Since we felt that long embrace,

I have always been excited to be with you.


Since we had long talks late into the night,

Since we laughed until our bellies hurt,

Since we first said "I Love You",

I have always been so happy to be with you.


Since we felt skin on skin,

Since we first made love,

Since we first slept next to each other,

I have always been in love with you.


Since we walked down that aisle,

Since we both said "I Do",

Since we became husband and wife,

I have always been in awe with you.


Since we moved in together,

Since everything we owned became "ours",

Since our lives became one,

I have always been comforted by you.


Since we had our first fight,

Since the first tears,

Since we made up with kisses and more,

I have always trusted you.


Every step we take in life together is another joyful emotion

I learn about. I can hardly for the rest of my life with you.

I love you and I am thankful for the many journeys

I have been on with you.


The above poem is one of the blogsary entries which made it to the top and authored by “Alainrivier” for his former girlfriend!

with copyrights

3 thoughts on “Always and Forever……”

  1. I quite agree with the author of this poem that ideally couples should love, as much as possible, always and forever. But this could be a fallacy as there are couples, especially husbands and wives, who merely live together just for the sake of saving marriages and for the children’s welfare. But yes, finding and experiencing a right love is great! Thank You.

  2. Nice loving poem of the author! I hope they both succeeded in their quest for a happy married life and became like the best of friends in the end. Thanks a lot for all your hard work on this website.

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