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Boracay Faces Serious Environmental Threat

Decades ago, Boracay used to be a virgin small island (exactly located in the Panay island in Visayas of the Philippines) filled with unexplored natural resources (e.g. beautiful coral reefs, lush greenery, unparalleled white sands, etc.) and untouched by the commercial flair. Only a privileged few backpackers, nature and sea lovers had access to it exclusively relishing its pristine beauty. As a matter of fact not everyone of the island’s natives was aware of its existence; there was no opportunity for them to explore every nook and cranny of the place. No one has thought at that time that the … Continue reading Boracay Faces Serious Environmental Threat


FEATURED ARTICLE By: Wenn I.* Now in its 4rth year of organizing bowling tournaments, the Cagayan de Oro Misamis Oriental of New York, Inc. (CDO MIS-OR NY, Inc.) hosted  its annual bowling event for 2012 on Sunday afternoons (March 25th -April 8th) at the famous AMF Lanes in NYC. Considered as one of its fund raising efforts, the said event was held to augment the needed financial requirements for the Association’s forthcoming charitable projects. The fun and excitement were merely secondary but it turned the event even more successful making the members, participants,  invited bowling enthusiasts and guests to actually … Continue reading A FUN WAY TO FUND RAISE – TIPS AND THOUGHTS

Great Show For A Great Cause!

Paaalang Pinoy, the cultural ministry of the Filipino Diocesan Apostolate (Diocese of Brooklyn) organized a talent show entitled, “Basta Pinoy Kasali Ka” on April 28, 2012 at Our Lady of Snows Church, Floral Park, New York. It was a night of amazing talents overflowing the stage with interested Filipino-American gifted children (ages ranging 5 to 19 years old) who showcased their skills specifically in music and dance. The said talent show was the first of its kind under the administration of Fr. Patrick Longalong, the newly installed FDA coordinator, and likewise the first musical competition ever held out of the … Continue reading Great Show For A Great Cause!

Friends In Need…. : Tips and Thoughts

  Are friends in deed, indeed! Some would say, you're a “real” friend when you're around in good and most particularly in bad times. That's why we are truly blessed when we are endowed with friends who are there when we needed them the most, minus vested interests. The lack of material things, monetary and non-monetary, is definitely not a hindrance to comfort a friend in need. Our presence and some other form of assistance are more than enough to express our love and concern for a friend who's experiencing life's uncertainties and problems.  The tropical storm “Sendong” or “Washi” … Continue reading Friends In Need…. : Tips and Thoughts

The Love For Dancing – Tips and Thoughts

  Just like music, dance or dancing is also a form of universal language. It's one way of socializing with other people of every race, nationality, religion or other ethnic groups throughout the world. In dancing, there is a natural expression of joyful feeling that is being drawn out from our inner selves! I'm not sure if you've experienced this but in my case dancing exudes a certain aura of peace, happiness and confidence and it also encourages other people to  join in the merry making. It's simply contagious! Dancing makes us fit and happy, and that's the reason why … Continue reading The Love For Dancing – Tips and Thoughts

A Block Party on Judgment Day! – Fun Tips and Thoughts

In the U.S., block or street parties are normally held either during spring or fall seasons of the year. Block parties are undertaken primarily to give the community of a particular neighborhood a chance to be together and get acquainted of their respective culture and tradition. In NYC, it is observed that in a specific neighborhood for instance, people from all walks of life get together in a non-political event setting and socialize among themselves, an opportunity to gain new friends and raise public's awareness of how diverse the community is. Our parish community held a block party for its … Continue reading A Block Party on Judgment Day! – Fun Tips and Thoughts

Utilizing Talents The Right Way – Tips And Thoughts

  Each of us is endowed with unique capabilities, gifts and talents. The difference would be on how we unleash and use the said talents. Normally, these talents are innate in us, it comes naturally and since it is a gift that is bestowed on us by God, regardless of our beliefs, we're supposed to hone and give it back to glorify Him and eventually share the same with others through various ways. Having a good singing voice is one of the many natural attributes given us. By singing, you get to learn to speak to people, be it in  small or … Continue reading Utilizing Talents The Right Way – Tips And Thoughts

Lenten Works of Small Hands – Cool Tips and Thoughts

  Lent is a time for praying, a time for sharing, a time for helping, a time of sacrificing, a time of asking God's mercy and pardon, a time of forgiving people, and most of all,  a time to prepare for Easter. Grabbing an idea from the school's lenten calendar,  I asked the kids one day if they happen to know someone going through a hard time and if so, to make a card or scribble a note for them to cheer them up and to let them know that they are in their prayers. Here are some of the kids works and … Continue reading Lenten Works of Small Hands – Cool Tips and Thoughts

A Momentous and Historic Event – A Personal Reflection

  I thought this article would document in a way the first Filipino Mass ever performed in NY Ozone Park’s St. Mary Gates of Heaven Church’ (SMGHC), in its over 100 years of existence. SMGHC has welcomed another community to celebrate the Holy Mass in their native language, the first of which was held on December 29,2010, and the second one on February 6, 2011. It was wonderful to see all “Pinoy” parishioners flocking to the Church and celebrating the said event with some merry making and food to share after the Mass. Such occasion affirmed the Church commitment to … Continue reading A Momentous and Historic Event – A Personal Reflection

The Amazing Joy of Christmas Carols – Tips and Thoughts

Singing Christmas Carols? Has anyone of you experienced this before? As Christmas day is almost upon us, I would like to share with you my nostalgic recollection and happy memories of Christmas carols when I was still small. Some of my siblings, friends and I would go practically from door-to-door of our neighbors singing Christmas carols. After school, we gathered at our house and practiced the songs with so much gusto. Innocent kids as we were, there were instances where we simply couldn’t pronounce the words very well and it was so funny as most of the times, we butchered … Continue reading The Amazing Joy of Christmas Carols – Tips and Thoughts