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A Brief Tour of Niagara Falls – A Remarkable Feel!

Featured Article – By Wenn I.  My long time good friends back home were given the opportunity to visit NYC for the nth time but never got the chance to go upstate (Buffalo) to take a peek of the world-famous Niagara Falls. Last month, some of them who are leaders of local church organizations attended a 3-day conference in New Jersey. Among the delegates to the said conference were my friends who are known for their exemplary contributions and service to their respective local communities in Cagayan de Oro City, namely Judge Evelyn  and husband Engr. Kelly, Atty. Rene,  the … Continue reading A Brief Tour of Niagara Falls – A Remarkable Feel!


Featured Article:  By L.F-Posecion (Contributor) A centuries-0ld popular spiritual tradition, the May Flower Festival or Flores de Mayo (as fondly called by Filipino Catholics throughout the globe ) is celebrated every month of May, a time of offering flowers in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This tradition dates back during the Spanish era when it was first introduced to Filipinos by the Spaniards. The procession during the May Flower festival which is also known as “Santacruzan” forms part of the festivity and said to have originated during the time of St. Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great, 300 … Continue reading FLORES DE MAYO: A JOYFUL FESTIVITY


FEATURED ARTICLE By: Wenn I.* Now in its 4rth year of organizing bowling tournaments, the Cagayan de Oro Misamis Oriental of New York, Inc. (CDO MIS-OR NY, Inc.) hosted  its annual bowling event for 2012 on Sunday afternoons (March 25th -April 8th) at the famous AMF Lanes in NYC. Considered as one of its fund raising efforts, the said event was held to augment the needed financial requirements for the Association’s forthcoming charitable projects. The fun and excitement were merely secondary but it turned the event even more successful making the members, participants,  invited bowling enthusiasts and guests to actually … Continue reading A FUN WAY TO FUND RAISE – TIPS AND THOUGHTS

Great Show For A Great Cause!

Paaalang Pinoy, the cultural ministry of the Filipino Diocesan Apostolate (Diocese of Brooklyn) organized a talent show entitled, “Basta Pinoy Kasali Ka” on April 28, 2012 at Our Lady of Snows Church, Floral Park, New York. It was a night of amazing talents overflowing the stage with interested Filipino-American gifted children (ages ranging 5 to 19 years old) who showcased their skills specifically in music and dance. The said talent show was the first of its kind under the administration of Fr. Patrick Longalong, the newly installed FDA coordinator, and likewise the first musical competition ever held out of the … Continue reading Great Show For A Great Cause!

Counting Blessings: A Secret To Happiness!

“Count your blessings” is an old adage we hear oftentimes from people which most of us can relate to regardless of location, ability, gender and socio-economic status. But how frequent do people  count their blessings?  Always? Once, twice,  thrice a day?   We really don’t have any idea and there is no way we can quantify it, there is no rule of thumb for this!   As long as we are happy and contented despite the lack of resources, that should be the very essence of life. The fact that we are willing to share what we have with the … Continue reading Counting Blessings: A Secret To Happiness!


(Feature Article) Many of us rarely get to spend quality time with our loved ones and friends due to fact that we are so preoccupied with either the more important or non-essential things in life. This is also true in certain organizations where members come from different places, seldom see each other, and with respective professions to attend to. However, there are various ways on how to get people out of their shells, apart from the regular monthly or quarterly meetings, simply to unwind,  make them happy and enjoy life. For some groups, one way of getting together is to … Continue reading FDA GET-together: TIPS AND THOUGHTS ON PARTIES AND GATHERINGS!

A Wonder Boy, he truly is!

Lance, a 7- year old cute smart kid is currently enrolled in a private school in the heart of Manhattan. He just came from Singapore as his Mom's work (an expat) requires him to transfer from one place to another. Just like normal kids, he loves to play any kind of games, from high tech stuffs to simple paper planes and rubber band games. Some high end games which I would say he's an expert at it would include those which are found in his iPad , Nintendo 3Ds, plus his collections of pokemon cards. Don't dare to pretend to … Continue reading A Wonder Boy, he truly is!

The Joy of Joining A Multi-Choir Gig: A Precious Moment

  Two months ago, posted an article about the feast day of San Lorenzo Ruiz at St. Patrick's Cathedral wherein a large choir, composed of representatives of various choir groups in NYC, performed during the said event. Some of these choir members will have the chance to do it again on the 3rd of December to kick-off the “Dawn Masses” or “Simbang Gabi” which is a tradition in some parts of the globe and which is also timely as it is the 1st of the series of the 4 Sundays of Advent. As mentioned in the previous blogs, choir music … Continue reading The Joy of Joining A Multi-Choir Gig: A Precious Moment

Non-Profit Organizations – Governments’ Partners in Socio-Economic Development

  Non-profit organizations (NPOs), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) or People's Organizations (POs) to some countries, absolutely play a significant role in pursuing development-related activities, particularly in advocating endeavors that promote quality of life, whether in least developed countries or in advanced and industrialized economies. As the name implies, NPOs, NGOs or POs are traditionally not in equal terms as that of regular business enterprises where profit is the end goal. Majority of non-profit organizations and other similarly situated groups (e.g. civil society, etc.) are not earning companies, in fact, they rely heavily on donations from large private profitable companies, philanthropists and … Continue reading Non-Profit Organizations – Governments’ Partners in Socio-Economic Development

A Spiritual Journey To Remember – Tips and Thoughts

  Some people go  into a pilgrimage with the end view of uplifting and deepening their relationship with God. Each of us has our own way of doing this taking into account our religious faith, personal beliefs and traditions. The Muslims for instance are required as much as possible and at least for once in their lifetime to make a Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca, a place considered holy under Islam doctrine. The same is true with Buddhists and Hindus. The Hindus believe that the Ganges River is sacred and so they visit the said place at least once a … Continue reading A Spiritual Journey To Remember – Tips and Thoughts