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Aaah, Such A Beautiful Fall Foliage!

I recall it was fall season when I decided to pursue my dreams of being able to contribute some itty-bitty good things in life via the blogosphere. Yes, even in small things, in everyday experiences, we can found true inspiration and greatness in them! It is fall season once again in the U.S and in some other parts of the globe and leaves of trees have started to gleam different kinds of fall colors, while others are fading and getting fragile as if it is like a sequel of a mysterious fairytale! The same is true with blogging.  As mentioned … Continue reading Aaah, Such A Beautiful Fall Foliage!

Love is an Art….

Active imagination occur in my most pensive and solitary moments, providing me enough artistic freedom and critical thinking on many things. However, I am a little bit introvert which hampers my ability to expand my comfort zones making my mind go weary and confused on whether or not to say and write what I truly feel. But as fellow blogger Elizabeth Spovoba quips, the introvert reaps secret joy from the solitary life. Despite my tiny shy blood, I strive to thrive and be a lot more happy to cope up with the rigors of daily life. At this very moment, … Continue reading Love is an Art….

The Online Romance of “Brad and Angelina”: Tips and Thoughts

For confidentiality, let’s call the main characters of this true to life story: “Brad” and “Angelina”. Objectives: To raise awareness about online romance in social networking sites; To provide tips on how to survive after a failed marriage; and To prevent similarly situated cases from occurring in the future Overview: Social networking sites are sources to millions of people worldwide for anything, e.g. business, job search, love, marriage, as in name it, you got it! It was here that Angelina, a pretty, single and young urban professional Filipina in her late 20’s met her husband Brad, an Australian of her … Continue reading The Online Romance of “Brad and Angelina”: Tips and Thoughts

Love is Real And Love is God!

Love is amazing, it comes in so many formsl and in mysterious ways! But sometimes, it is crazy too, right? God’s love for us is the most wonderful thing in our lives, the genuineness, sans conditionalities; it is the kind of love that comes from the heart! You know what that means! This is a preview of my next blog  about a real life situation of a whirlwind romance and marriage which turned out very differently, a shocker indeed! It is about a woman’s dream to build a “life” with her love.  In hindsight, she realized there was not enough … Continue reading Love is Real And Love is God!

“I Had Been Rejected, But I Was Still In Love.” – Steve Jobs (In Memoriam)

  I had been rejected, but I was still in love. And so, I decided to start over”, are excerpts from the speech of Steve Jobs, entitled, “You've Got To Find What You Love” at the 2005 Stanford University commencement exercises. When he delivered the said address, he had already the incurable cancer which he was probably afraid of but actually have learned to face his fears head on, as he talked about it with courage and preparedness, knowing that his life on earth was already limited. Still, he was fortunate to be given 7 more years to live and … Continue reading “I Had Been Rejected, But I Was Still In Love.” – Steve Jobs (In Memoriam)

A Mother’s Love For Her Prodigal Daughter – Tips and Thoughts

Perhaps, majority of us must have heard about the parable of the prodigal son. It was about a father's unwavering support for his wayward son, no matter how long it took for the latter to come to realization that he got lost and had to return home. The said father and son story was published many centuries ago and it was reported in a form of an allegory. It didn't actually happen but what is ironic about it is that after many centuries have passed, almost all of us have a so-called black sheep in the family, like that of … Continue reading A Mother’s Love For Her Prodigal Daughter – Tips and Thoughts

Utilizing Talents The Right Way – Tips And Thoughts

  Each of us is endowed with unique capabilities, gifts and talents. The difference would be on how we unleash and use the said talents. Normally, these talents are innate in us, it comes naturally and since it is a gift that is bestowed on us by God, regardless of our beliefs, we're supposed to hone and give it back to glorify Him and eventually share the same with others through various ways. Having a good singing voice is one of the many natural attributes given us. By singing, you get to learn to speak to people, be it in  small or … Continue reading Utilizing Talents The Right Way – Tips And Thoughts

How To Have Fun on Easter With Kids – Cool E-Friendly Useful Tips!

  In view of the difficulties that most of us are facing these trying times,  one way of making  Easter more meaningful and memorable to children, is by celebrating it in a non-traditional way.  Gathering and telling  them  the story about Jesus' Resurrection, with a 30-minute movie animation on the subject as part of the presentation can be explored. In so doing, the kids would be able to understand pretty well why and what happened to Jesus during His last days on earth. There are a bunch of DVDs and CD's for kids available in the market. Just make sure that what … Continue reading How To Have Fun on Easter With Kids – Cool E-Friendly Useful Tips!

The First Taste of “Summer” in Spring Time:What A Marvel! – Tips and Thoughts

Sorry guys for the belated article….and yes you may have guessed it right that there are times bloggers do encounter the so-called writer’s block! In my case, I just need to dash this write up before end of March, whatever it costs. It was 18th of March 2011, a very beautiful warm day with a temperature ranging from a low of 60’s to a high of 78 degrees F. It was not even spring time yet as the official first day of vernal equinox or spring in the Northern Hemisphere is 20th of March. Effectively, it was still wintertime. Wasn’t it amazing? Normally, … Continue reading The First Taste of “Summer” in Spring Time:What A Marvel! – Tips and Thoughts

Always and Forever……

  Since we were friends, Since we held hands, Since we went on our first date, I have always been attracted to you.   Since we first held each other, Since that first long kiss, Since we felt that long embrace, I have always been excited to be with you.   Since we had long talks late into the night, Since we laughed until our bellies hurt, Since we first said "I Love You", I have always been so happy to be with you.   Since we felt skin on skin, Since we first made love, Since we first slept … Continue reading Always and Forever……