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The Beauty of Good Friday

Have you ever asked yourself? What is beautiful during Good Friday? A friend of mine who has no firm commitment as far as his religious orientation is concerned posed this query, “Why do you call it Good Friday? I simply ignored the question, instead I looked at him in dismay and responded, Really? Of course, he knows what’s being commemorated on Good Friday. He’s a very learned man. He’s aware of why Christians celebrate Holy Week, irrespective of his religion.  As a matter of fact, almost all of us regardless of our beliefs know that Good Friday is the day … Continue reading The Beauty of Good Friday

Hello World, Hello 2012!

It’s now the first day and  the first week of 2012!  Wow! This is something to brag about! It’s the 2nd time for my useful tip’s blog site to welcome the New Year!    Performance wise, Year 2011 was far better than the previous year in terms of traffic figures: dedicated readers, frequent visitors, passers-by, even onlookers (or “lurkers”) from all corners of the globe. While blog posts were lower by 25% primarily due to changes in plans and stricter rules, the write-ups however were made to be relevant with current trends and issues. Hopefully 2012 will be a better … Continue reading Hello World, Hello 2012!

Vintage Cars: Men In Black 3 – Movie In The Making

  A friend of mine was surprised one day to see in their Queens neighborhood throngs of old cars from the 1960's  lined up in the main thoroughfare of the said area. Later did she know from the bystanders that those cars were to be used for Will Smith's upcoming  movie, “Men In Black 3”, for some stunts scenes. While the shooting of the said film may have turned out to be a bother to some of the residents and travelers due to the noise, heavy traffic and re-routing, most of the nearby affected residents were excited about it. They … Continue reading Vintage Cars: Men In Black 3 – Movie In The Making

How Powerful is People Power – A Different Perspective of Tips and Thoughts

How powerful can people power be? Can it be a means to an end? As the old proverb goes, vox populi, vox dei, the voice of the people is the voice of God! Considering my faith in God’s power, I quite agree with the said old adage. It can be deduced in a way that some sort of Divine intervention could have played a vital role in a successful people power revolution, especially in a non-violent and bloodless scenario. This could probably be a way of God’s response to the impassioned plea of the majority of the people for help, regardless of … Continue reading How Powerful is People Power – A Different Perspective of Tips and Thoughts