Fashion For The “Have-Less” And The “Have-Nots”- Tips and Thoughts


In these precarious times due to the depressing economy, only those in the upper echelons of society (“the haves” and the “have-mores”) are willing and able to spend thousands of green bucks for high fashion, avant-garde and haute couture dressing. A classic example was the recently concluded (4/29) royal wedding of England's Prince William and Kate Middleton where socialites made their respective fashion headlines from head to toe.

But, for average and middle-class fashion stalwarts and wannabes (who may still fall under the category of the “haves” ), they  would think twice on whether or not to spend their hard-earned dollar bills for designer clothes, shirt, jeans and other fashion accessories. They would probably spend it for more essential things.

Much more for the young “fashionistas”, who in their teens and tweens, are grappling to survive to pay for their college and university tuition fees. There's no question anymore that they would be able to take the plunge as far as fashion expenditure is concerned. Unless, they'll force themselves into enormous credit card debts and other unwanted activities. The same is true with small-time young urban professionals and minimum salaried dollar earners, who couldn't even afford to grab a big combo sandwich at a walk-in fast food, except for those in the dollar menu list. Oh, these people could fall under  the “have-nots or my new coined term, the “have-less”, which is the focus of this blog.

So, how could the “haves-nots” and the “have-less” fashionistas join the band wagon, so to speak, of the hard-core moneyed fashion strutters along the aisles, pathways and byways of fashion metropolis like Manhattan, Milan, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo? Sorry guys, there's no way you can be like them, it's far-fetched unless you'll be lucky enough to win in  lotto or in any numbers game! Seriously, even if I win, I won't spend a dime for a 100,000 dollars worth of a couture made clothing. That's what you call absurdity! I would rather donate the money to a charitable institution for a more meaningful cause. That way, I will not only make myself accomplished but I will also be able to to accomplish the hungry stomach of the real, unlucky and very have-nots throughout the world, especially the destitute in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Come to think of it?

However, for fashion's sake, the “have-nots/have-less” struggling fashionistas can still demonstrate their own way of fashion sense taking into account their present resources and the latest vogue in town. Come on guys, you can show them the real us (that's me included, hahaha!), the real fashionistas minus the high-priced wear. People (both men and women) who are gifted and into fashionable things have this sort of innate flair in themselves and it truly exudes outside in their personality regardless of the tag price of the clothes they're wearing. As mentioned in myusefultips previous blog on the subject, it is actually how we make of us, how we fashion ourselves, and how we carry it and show off our own sense of style that is most important. Probably you'll argue with me, that what is being said in this blog is merely rhetorics of creativity. Absolutely not.

For have-nots,have-less “homo sapiens”, there should always be ways on how to be creative and resourceful .  There's nothing wrong in being bargain hunters especially these modern trying days.   Some of the ways and means which I recall have already been included in myusefultips blog last year, include the following:

1.For those who have at least extra money to spend, along the inner streets of Manhattan, between 8th Avenue to 6th ave./and Broadway, there are retailers offering at a bargain some designer clothes, and apparels. You can actually find a good piece for about 10 to 20  bucks made by a budding NYC designer. Occasionally, there are “sample sales” for all the 4 seasons of the year and you just need to be resourceful to check on ads and announcements because that's undertaken for a very limited time. A 20/20 vision is also required to inspect which of the sale items are a good catch.

2.There are charitable organizations offering at a big discount some branded items . Again, you just have to be patient in sorting out things because these items mostly have slightly scissored parts (not sure if it's a policy of the donor famous designers) but if you're fortunate enough, you can acquire ones which have none,  for a measly 5 bucks!  I'm not kidding, this is real thing. Come on now start checking with your non profit orgs in your respective communities if there is a schedule for spring or summer sales.

3.Check your closets and the pile of old and unused clothes and apparels in crates (for sure if you're a fashion addict, you have this at home) and take out the more relevant and “in” clothes for the year. Actually, a simple wear of a white shirt with any kind of coat or jacket (depending on the weather and the occasion) or a jeans/slacks would be good to look at. This is one form of recycling your “wearables” and that's cool!  

Hope you guys got the point!

3 thoughts on “Fashion For The “Have-Less” And The “Have-Nots”- Tips and Thoughts”

  1. hi! i have gone through your articles.  they are all entertaining and informative..nice read..
    keep on girl…
    hot mama

    1. your comment is as hot as your name! thank you hot mama for visiting. i really appreciate the time.

  2. Fashion does not discriminate the poor vs. the rich. There is a deeper meaning of fashion, it encompasses not only the outward appearance of the person, but also the personality and character. You can be fashionable, being able to wear branded clothes and accessories but if you show awful bad manners, then to me you’re not fashionable, in its strictest sense of the word. One has to have “class”, regardless of the type of wear, to make herself fashionable. I may sound strict, but thanks for allowing me to express my opinion.

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