Freshly Pearly Smile Treat Tip – The Baking Soda Phenomenon

Speaking about baking soda! Didn’t I just mention about it earlier as one of the main ingredients for the Irish soda bread? Oh yes! But for now it is for something you’ve probably heard for years from your grandparents or Mom and Dad or even recently from your buddies. I myself have heard it too. What I’m talking about is……

The Baking Soda: As an eco-friendly alternative to toothpaste we’ve been used to since time immemorial.

Yep it can be used as an agent to whiten our teeth and freshen our mouth! We’ve heard it right but have we tried it yet? This cheap and accessible product in any household and supermarkets or grocery is indeed a multi-taskin performer. In fact I for one just bought another box today for the fridge (another use for soda) and for how much? Only for a dollar vis-à-vis the whitening strips ($25-$30) and other whitening treatments (e.g. cosmetic teeth procedure) which may cost you a thousand bucks or even more!

For us who will use it for the first time, the following modified steps can be undertaken. ( Note that these steps have already been adopted and published in the web apparently for public consumption).

1.Place (probably 1/5 or1/4 tsp) baking soda in a small container, probably in a glass or bowl.

2.Dissolve/Mix it with water and the latter will help create a paste

3.Dip toothbrush into the mixture and take a portion of it just enough for your brushing requirements

4.Brush your teeth a s you would normally do (but brush gently around your gums so it wont irritate them)


5.Rinse it out well with water after brushing ..


Caution: As much as possible or it depends on your prerogative, you may wish to consult your dentist before trying it, particularly for those wearing retainers and braces and the like. It is well advised that it may be best to use this method once every two weeks as the soda itself has a rather rough feeling in your mouth. It may hurt sensitive gums but once you get the hang of it….it is nothing! What is important however is that , the product is tested, proven, safe, organic, economical and most of all an effective medium of boasting a whiter and cleaner teeth and a fresher breath!

Now having said this, may I see your smile ?

Whooah ! Amazingly freshly pearly beautiful smile!


Seriously, you wont get the results (whitening factor) overnight….it may take a while. But you will get the fresh clean feeling immediately!

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