Helpful Natural Tips For Healthy Hair

Believe it or not, this is the fist time in my life that I have been extra conscious of my hair.

 Before, I just couldn’t care less how my hair looked as long as it was clean, smelled good, and tolerable (not horrible!), then that was it! . Businesses involve in beauty salons and hair care products may have gone into insolvency if all of the women have followed my footsteps. I am just the type of person wherein beauty salons and parlors were  not part of weekly agenda . 

When I was in my teens, I wore a real long straight soft manageable hair – the length went down to even below my waist, then started to gradually cut it short after my college graduation. My hair’s evolution for the past decade  r anges  from a slightly below shoulder length to a shorty-shorty “twiggy” style of hair, which is what I have now.In the past, I used to wash my hair with all the kinds of shampoos being advertised in the tri-media. However, there were also times that I would use some natural products which I have seen from other people and used by my mother like the coconut milk and aloe vera leaves (“sabila”) which I simply picked from one of our plants.

But I have to face the reality that the ticking of my biological clock is not going backwards and as previously mentioned in my first statement , it is about time to take a look at my hair, to give it a special TLC (tender loving care) treatment, so to speak!  Even when I was young, I was quite aware already that the hair is a very vital aspect of looking good. We have come across this old saying that the “Woman’s Hair is Her Crowning Glory”. This is one of the maxims in life that I quite believe in.   For most women, having and craving for good hair is universal. This desire is beyond boundaries and as much as possible, women want to have a soft, shiny and manageable hair, that begs to be touched —-like one that we see in the ads!And, why not?

Okay, call it vain or superficial, but when our hair is beautiful , you feel a wee bit better above the rest, you feel well and your confidence and prestige become high —there’s a sort of a WOW factor that oozes in your personality! This may also be the reason why some men are attracted to women with beautiful hair! Hmmmn….

I’m all thumbs up with what technology and “beauty magicians” can do for women’s hair especially those who are in showbiz and entertainment world. They frequent their hair stylists who are apt to using state-of-the-art hair tools (e.g. hair dyers, flat irons ,waxes, hairsprays, mouses, extenders, steam something and other products) which may have adverse effects on their hair health.

As I am not an advocate of the said artificial hair paraphernalias, my helpful tips will focus on the natural ways and means on how to maintain a healthy hair regardless of age and stature in life.


1.Brush/Comb your hair before washing/shampooing  – Most of us are quite familiar with this – this is a very basic step. This is to wash away the accumulated dirt especially if you don’t shampoo your hair everyday. In my case, I prefer to use comb since I have thin fine strands of hair. In my younger days, I used to comb my hair with my head upside down with the belief that the nutrients I get from the food I ate during the day will go to my head and eventually to my hair. Funny yes, but it’s tested and proven by many!

2.If you have dry hair, you may opt to give an oil massage to your hair once a month or often depending on the need and nature of your hair. However, instead of putting oil, you may simply massage the scalp of your hair for healthy growth and better circulation.

3.Shampoo/Condition/Moisturize your hair – Wash your hair with cool or warm (never hot) water! Dry your hair naturally by blotting your hair with a towel. In my case, I use a small towel (like a face towel) to take away the water from my hair) and then I wrap it with a bath towel. Thereafter I comb my hair and I let it dry, either with a fan or electric fan when in a hurry.  Avoid using hair dryers as it emits heat which can dry out and/or damage your hair and skin. As much as possible, stay away from hair styling products but you may wish to to have your hair snipped by your hairstylist at least every three months to get rid of split ends and “dead” hairs. 

4.Eat right – A well-balanced diet with plenty of whole grains, fruits, dark green vegetables and other vegetables (beans, legumes, carrots), low fat dairy products, nuts, and lean growth promoting proteins such as fish (e.g. salmon, oysters, etc) can make your hair in the pink! These are the nutrients that you need to put into your body which help keep your hair healthy. Remember, if you take your health for granted by following an unhealthy diet, for sure it would affect the quality of your hair.

5.Regular Exercise and Adequate Sleep- I am amazed how exercise and sleep can do so much to make hair healthy. Some experts say that indulging in exercise for at least 30 to 45 minutes a day will help get enough blood for hair follicles , thus giving a healthy hair. Avoid stress and get enough sleep so your hair will grow faster and fuller. So, chill out, relax and shut that eye of yours!

In summary, it appears it only takes a little discipline and the right attitude of your lifestyle in order to acquire and maintain a healthy hair.Therefore, have a healthy life and you’ll have a healthy hair too!

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