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What Love Means To Me….

Once upon a time, I had this kind of love
Where “I’m sorry” was often uttered
“Sorry” I missed to send flowers and messages
And to have missed and cheered your day!”

But love is never having to say you’re sorry
Rather, it should have compassion and understanding
As Love forgives, understands mistakes, failures and limitations
It is pure and heart centered which melts ego away!

Loving someone is the most beautiful thing I’ve experienced so far
Without love, my life would have been like a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal
Yes, it is a complicated thing; odd sometimes
But that’s how it feels way down in the depths of my heart!

Love is communicating, it connects us in so many ways
It is expressed not only in the abyss of one’s eyes
But through the other senses done with gentleness
Touching, hearing, smelling and tasting!

Oooh, how beautiful it is to experience love
And there are so many ways to define it
It is here present in my heart, though it has grown and learned
What pure and sincere love is truly all about!


Hope you will like the music audio which I’ve recorded a year from now. Quite melancholy but it’s a revival of John Lennon’s “Love is Real”. Apologies for the “flats” and “sharps” in my voice and my super duper hilarious guitar skills!

Happy Valentine’s/heart’s day to y’all!

Note: The above-featured image was sourced from Ella Venise S, a middle school student in Canada

2 responses to “What Love Means To Me….”

  1. Mymy says:

    Touching verses and you have a nice voice, I must say!

  2. Marivan says:

    Kinda love this song ….poignant romantic tho esp with the video of John Lennon and Yoko Ono!