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Mother Nature Is Amazing: The Clouds Above Me!

Lately, I have been getting the privilege of watching beautiful images of the sky and its environment from my current vantage point which tethered me to and re-sparked my interest in photography. Mother nature has been lavished in sharing me its charming beauty of the mountains, the sun, the moon, clouds and stars.

As I looked up the sky,  various landscapes, scenery and shapes of animals are being formed. I am referring to the clouds, decorating the atmosphere with vibrant hues and silky strokes.   It is just incredible to see how their heads and tails sway up in the air  but at times scary  when dark clouds envelope the sky.

There is something magical about the clouds, particularly on how the various impressions are created.  The NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) people would have the best explanations to this. Some clouds are large fluffy, some are thin gray, some are light wispy like a lucky sweep of sand while others look unique, weird, and intriguing. There are clouds with warm pinks, orange sunset colors, cool blues and blue violets but what is notably interesting is that the clouds differ from each other depending on weather conditions. Despite their differences (e.g. cumulus, cirrus, stratus, nimbus, etc), they are still the clouds which we’ve learned from our Science classes, i.e.,  they are basically condensed water droplets in the air.

One of the atmospheric scientists and an investigator of the NASA satellite mission which previously studied the clouds cited that the theory of CO2 buildup in the air can cause global warming. This is one of the preliminary temperature observations but still inconclusive. This particularly pertains to Noctilucent clouds which somewhat appears in the sky as “luminous blue-white”. It was indicated that the increasing temperatures near the surface actually cause the upper part of the atmosphere to cool,   spurring the formation of more clouds.

Indeed, there are schools of thoughts and scientific explanations about the clouds formations, but in my initial encounter with them so far, they are simply like paintings in the sky. Yes, they easily converge and quickly fade as they go, but it is the natural view of the clouds  that really takes my breath away!

Sharing with you the kind of clouds which gave me joy  while watching them.




3 responses to “Mother Nature Is Amazing: The Clouds Above Me!”

  1. Mymy says:

    Must be an e-friendly place where you’re now!

  2. TommyDaffy says:

    I would like to do what you’re doing, clouds watching! Clouds are of different types, they are like pictures in the sky. Indeed, amazing!

  3. Mariven says:

    I don’t like watching them…i get stiff neck looking up! 🙂