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Smart Kid!!

Remember Lance who was featured in this blog as the Wonder boy? (Check the article:  “A Wonder Boy, He Truly Is”)

Well, he is now in his 5th Grade and a consistent top student in class since then. He was chosen to represent their school in the recently  concluded Middle Grade Regional Math Bee . Out of 15 participants from different catholic schools in NYC, Lance made it to the next round, the Diocesan Math Bee, with the other Top 5 contenders which will be held this month.   Wow, what can I say!  Raise the roof, Philippines!

Lance, we are proud of you!  Keep it up smart boy! Let’s play chess!

2 responses to “Smart Kid!!”

  1. DorySam says:

    Great, awesome!

  2. Ed says:

    I hope my kids at school would have more interest in Science and Mathematics. Good job, smart kid!