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Yes, She’s Back

My Useful Tips went into hiatus for almost a year for some unexpected break! The year-long absence wasn’t planned at all, it just happened along the way. She completely lost sight of it, about the basic rationale behind her blogging! She thought the topics and issues during the past months on social media were filled with befoul trash-talks and mudslinging particularly on issues about politics. The negative attacks were just so overwhelming that it made her decide to free up her time, and even to the extent of almost deactivating her social media accounts temporarily. Don’t get her wrong. She … Continue reading Yes, She’s Back

My Useful Tips’ 5th Year In The Blogosphere: A Blessing!

My, my, my! How fast time flies! Today, she is on her 5th year in the blogosphere, practically in her kindergarten years, but still acquiring innovative skills and useful tips  on how to thrive in the world of social media. She didn’t realize that new world of blogosphere can unearth some of her abilities and develop new friendly relationships that goes beyond a simple blog post exchange. She could still recall, it was a bitter cold snowy night when My Useful Tips was launched, nostalgic evoking fond memories but with happiness,  and with the help of a very talented software … Continue reading My Useful Tips’ 5th Year In The Blogosphere: A Blessing!

Aaah, Such A Beautiful Fall Foliage!

I recall it was fall season when I decided to pursue my dreams of being able to contribute some itty-bitty good things in life via the blogosphere. Yes, even in small things, in everyday experiences, we can found true inspiration and greatness in them! It is fall season once again in the U.S and in some other parts of the globe and leaves of trees have started to gleam different kinds of fall colors, while others are fading and getting fragile as if it is like a sequel of a mysterious fairytale! The same is true with blogging.  As mentioned … Continue reading Aaah, Such A Beautiful Fall Foliage!

MyUsefulTips 1st Year Blog Anniversary – A Blessing!

In my blog entitled, “Moving Forward…” published on October 10, 2010, I resolved to go on with my blogging activities after a week’s contemplation as to whether or not to leave the blogosphere. Indeed, time flies as today, myusefultips.com is one year old! It was just like yesterday that I was smitten abruptly by the blogging world primarily to get my thoughts out there on many facets of life which I believe should need more advocacies. That is reflective in the blog categories which cover almost the things that I most advocate for… to promote quality of life. I really … Continue reading MyUsefulTips 1st Year Blog Anniversary – A Blessing!

Moving Forward……

My blog is 8 months old now and  I recall it was almost springtime when it was launched. The trees at Forest Park have started to grow leaves in full  and spread and so was my blogging! (Forest Park, Queens, New York at spring time -courtesy of www.myusefultips.com) It’s fall season now and it’s a beautiful time of year,  full of color and crisp fresh air. Autumn leaves are colorful, bright, warm and vibrant. (Forest Park, Queens, NYC at fall time) However, they gently fall off tree and wither eventually. To some, blogging may be likened to an autumn leaf. As … Continue reading Moving Forward……

A Time To Cry For Help – Pakistan Flood Aftermath, et al

I was just starting my working career in my early tweens  when I was given the privilege to embark on my first solo official trip abroad. It was a three-month stay for a short course jointly offered by the Pakistan Government and its State Bank. The venue was in the heart of Karachi, Pakistan’s financial and commercial capital. Despite the apprehensions about the situation and being a newbie in a foreign land, it was not difficult for me to adjust because of the warm welcome and genuine hospitality that the Bank’s management and staff have accorded us for the duration … Continue reading A Time To Cry For Help – Pakistan Flood Aftermath, et al