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Friends In Need…. : Tips and Thoughts

  Are friends in deed, indeed! Some would say, you're a “real” friend when you're around in good and most particularly in bad times. That's why we are truly blessed when we are endowed with friends who are there when we needed them the most, minus vested interests. The lack of material things, monetary and non-monetary, is definitely not a hindrance to comfort a friend in need. Our presence and some other form of assistance are more than enough to express our love and concern for a friend who's experiencing life's uncertainties and problems.  The tropical storm “Sendong” or “Washi” … Continue reading Friends In Need…. : Tips and Thoughts

A Time To Cry For Help – Pakistan Flood Aftermath, et al

I was just starting my working career in my early tweens  when I was given the privilege to embark on my first solo official trip abroad. It was a three-month stay for a short course jointly offered by the Pakistan Government and its State Bank. The venue was in the heart of Karachi, Pakistan’s financial and commercial capital. Despite the apprehensions about the situation and being a newbie in a foreign land, it was not difficult for me to adjust because of the warm welcome and genuine hospitality that the Bank’s management and staff have accorded us for the duration … Continue reading A Time To Cry For Help – Pakistan Flood Aftermath, et al

Helpful Tips On What To Do During An Earthquake

I was triggered to write this article in view of the major recent earthquakes that hit certain parts of the globe within a span of two months in year 2010. Major ones were the one that hit Chile today (February 27) with a catastrophic magnitude of 8.8 on the Richter Scale and another in Haiti (January 12) with a 7.0 magnitude. It may be normal to be paranoid or to feel scared (especially for children) of the occurrence of the said natural calamity of this enormity. We all know that several lives and properties were lost in the said earthquakes … Continue reading Helpful Tips On What To Do During An Earthquake