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Tangerines and Oranges Are IN!

While Tangerines and Oranges are in demand these days because of the nutrients (e.g. Vitamin C) they feed our bodily systems, and  they boost our stamina and immunity particularly during winter season, their beautiful color is  likewise  the latest craze in town, particularly in fashion and design! Officially recognized as the company to select the Color of the Year , Pantone Color Institute has chosen “Tangerine Tango” as the 2012 color of the year. As described by Pantone, Tangerine Tango is something deep orange or what they specifically call “spirited reddish-orange”. Preferably, I go for subdued pastel colors, girly-lady like … Continue reading Tangerines and Oranges Are IN!

Blog 1st Year Anniversary Announcement – “Blovesary” Fun Contest!

Hello everyone! This month I would like to share a special and unique anniversary with you all. On the last week of February is the first birthday of myusefultips.com. And to celebrate it, I will be posting a blog on the day itself of the anniversary specifically about its experience and related stuffs. To top it all, myusefultips will be hosting a give-away as an expression of gratitude to you all for being part of this blog! Since this is the month of LOVE, I’ll call it “BLOVEsary give-away”. The give-away requires a challenge and participation from you. It’s a … Continue reading Blog 1st Year Anniversary Announcement – “Blovesary” Fun Contest!