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A Moment of Reflection

  In observance of the Holy Week, myusefultips.com shall be giving you some personal reflections about this season.     For us Christians, we have learned that Lent is the perfect time for being quiet, reflective, to be sorry for our sins, and  meditate on the passion and death of Jesus Christ. We likewise undertake certain things such as praying and doing acts of mercy and love.     However, do we know that Lent is the season of the year where we prepare for Easter time as well? Lent signifies the freshness of new life — we could  be transformed … Continue reading A Moment of Reflection

The Bare Essence of Life – Tips and Thoughts

During our childhood days, some of us may have been taught by our first teachers about the virtue of Faith. We’ve learned then that there are three basic tenets why human beings are created, i.e., to know, to love and to serve God. As years passed, the more we’ve learned more things and gained experiences, the more the said tenets are taken for granted and kept back to experiment and cherish on “material” things (e.g. love of money, career, achievements, prestige, honor, self acclaim, etc.) which act as decoys of the evil spirits to drive us away from  focusing on making … Continue reading The Bare Essence of Life – Tips and Thoughts