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A Sad Encounter with a Psychopath!

It was a cool and gloomy day in March, just about the beginning of the autumn season in the “land down under”,  when “Isabelle” had to  cross the “Rubicon” and finally called it quits for her job, which she had learned to love and enjoy for so many years.   WHY?  That’s the big question mark!  Yes, why such an abrupt decision to leave her job voluntarily at these precarious times? When she confided me about what happened in her workplace for the past several months, that was the only time I understand the rationality of her swift decision to end … Continue reading A Sad Encounter with a Psychopath!

Trial By Publicity: Its Joy and Agony!

How would you feel if you’re  the subject of scrutiny, embarrassment and humiliation in public? Darn, right? You see, in any humiliation, there are always two faces of the coin: a sad face and a happy face, i.e, there are always two opposing parties involved. Sure, you may already have an idea what I’m driving at, but if you decide to continue reading this, you will clearly understand the perspective from my side. I am not going to dwell on petty embarrassments like fashion blunders, farting in subways and in other public places; being insulted by a professor in school; … Continue reading Trial By Publicity: Its Joy and Agony!

Organizing A Choir – 3rd Series of Tips and Thoughts

Hello, folks, I’m here again to blog about the subject. Please bear with me, if I may sound like so excited to give you updates on how our choir is doing. It is just so amazing how God answers prayers – indeed, sometimes in really strange unexpected ways, right? As in some choir groups, our newly formed choir is made up of busy volunteers from our parish who view their membership as a stewardship of their 3T’s, time, treasure and talent? Rather than being with their respective families during weekends, the members find time to be with the group for … Continue reading Organizing A Choir – 3rd Series of Tips and Thoughts