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World Economic Forum: Will It Be Beneficial To Us?

As the name implies, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is not just an ordinary  forum, but a high-profile gathering of leaders, men and women in Governments, Businesses, Non-Governmental Organizations and  civil society throughout the world to discuss on the world’s economic (past and present) challenges. WEF is one of the organizations which embraces globalization, trade liberalization, private sector participation and other related economic development jargon. WEF is a Geneva-based non-profit organization, wherein its Annual General Meetings are usually held in Davos, Switzerland. Apart from its Annual Meetings, WEF also holds regional meetings each year in a pre-identified location which is … Continue reading World Economic Forum: Will It Be Beneficial To Us?

Non-Profit Organizations – Governments’ Partners in Socio-Economic Development

  Non-profit organizations (NPOs), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) or People's Organizations (POs) to some countries, absolutely play a significant role in pursuing development-related activities, particularly in advocating endeavors that promote quality of life, whether in least developed countries or in advanced and industrialized economies. As the name implies, NPOs, NGOs or POs are traditionally not in equal terms as that of regular business enterprises where profit is the end goal. Majority of non-profit organizations and other similarly situated groups (e.g. civil society, etc.) are not earning companies, in fact, they rely heavily on donations from large private profitable companies, philanthropists and … Continue reading Non-Profit Organizations – Governments’ Partners in Socio-Economic Development

UN Zeroing In On Zero Targets For HIV/AIDS : HELLO?

Last week, the United Nations General Assembly (GA) convened a high-level meeting to discuss critical issues, particularly on how to address the global problem on HIV and AIDS. As mentioned in earlier blog article under MDG (Millenium Development Goals) category, one of the targets (Target #6) ) included in the UN-MDG is to combat HIV-AIDS by halting and reversing the spread of the disease by 2015 via adoption of various strategies. The said meeting lasted for three days and Government leaders and its representatives in attendance reaffirmed previous commitments and came up with resolutions which shall serve as guidelines of … Continue reading UN Zeroing In On Zero Targets For HIV/AIDS : HELLO?

Buying And Using Eco-Friendly Products – Useful Tips For “Greenhorns”

Let’s admit it, most of us consumers have not been so keen and zealous in our stance towards green living. As mentioned in my earlier blog, I for one am not quite an eco-friendly product enthusiast despite my positive outlook on the importance of the use of and patronage for the said products. I have tried using earth friendly products in the past up to now but it is only for very few items. This kind of a so-so attitude towards going all out for a green world is not only true to me but to the majority, especially those … Continue reading Buying And Using Eco-Friendly Products – Useful Tips For “Greenhorns”

Helpful Tips For Parents To Improve Their Children’s Study Habits

I would have wanted to give out survey questionnaires to the kids at school about their study habits but I decided to put it off . I found out that there are various studies and researches already conducted on the subject with both parents and students as respondents using random sampling.The result of said research suggested various ways and means on how parents handle and manage the learning habits of their children. What I did was to compile and select the more doable and feasible strategies especially for working mothers who have very limited time or who have to divide … Continue reading Helpful Tips For Parents To Improve Their Children’s Study Habits

Effortless Useful Tips To Power Dress In The WorkPlace

 My passion for fashion which goes back to childhood days has impacted on my outlook towards wearing style. I remember when we were kids, I used to draw and cut out paper dolls and dressed them with colored and various designs/styles of clothing made of paper and other materials  which I could see around the house. Instead of buying ready made clothes , our mother would at times purchase clothing materials from a local Chinese merchandise store and since she had a little knowledge of sewing, she would create dresses during weekends for her 7 girls just to keep us … Continue reading Effortless Useful Tips To Power Dress In The WorkPlace

A Special Tribute

  As a tribute to my Mom,”Inay Aying” (who was in herself an epitome of an ideal homemaker and an empowered woman in her own right) and to all the women    worldwide, myusefultips.com will reserve the month of March blogging on various tips on certain matters concerning women in general.  There are other complementary reasons: 1. The International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on March 8, 2010; and    2. The Month of March particularly in the US has been designated as the “Women’s History Month”. I have always been proud and enjoy my life as a woman — not just because … Continue reading A Special Tribute

About Me

A native from the Eastern part of the globe and currently in the West (USA), then East-West, East-West, East….and so on and so forth. A wanderer, so to speak! A reluctant traveler , (has avionophobia – fear of air travels) yet was able to withstand thru prayers and guts. Had the chance to visit places in Asia: like the Bangkok-Thailand, Hongkong, Hanoi-Vietnam, Taiwan-Taipei , Singapore, New Delhi, and other places in India , major cities (Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and other places) in Pakistan and the Philippines; Europe: such as Austria-Vienna, Rome-Italy, Frankfurt-Germany, and London, Stratford (Riveravon), Birmingham-England; Wellington … Continue reading About Me