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Simbang Gabi – A Rewarding Experience

Simbang Gabi ( literally translated in English as “Night or Evening Mass”) is famous to many Catholics worldwide, especially to Filipinos. As mentioned in previous blog posts on the subject, Simbang Gabi is also better known in other countries as “Misa de Aguinaldo”, Misa de Gallo or “Dawn Mass”. Traditionally, it is being undertaken during the Advent season of the liturgical year in preparation for the Christmas season. Simbang Gabi normally takes nine days of novena masses in the wee hours of the morning (about 4:00 a.m.)  of 16th December and ends on the eve of 24th December. In the … Continue reading Simbang Gabi – A Rewarding Experience

Killer Earthquakes:The “First Quarter” Massive Destruction – A Moment of Prayer

Engaged in an online conversation in the wee hours of the morning when I learned about the 8.9 magnitude earthquake which hit Sendai, the epicenter located in the northeastern coast of Japan. I was directed to view the CNN video which at that time was simultaneously being played while the tsunami was reaching the waters under a certain city bridge and which quickly rose to a higher level, and where owners of cars and trucks passing thru the bridge were rushing to and fro to take their refuge. It was horrific to see various videos and photos of how people … Continue reading Killer Earthquakes:The “First Quarter” Massive Destruction – A Moment of Prayer

A Trick or Treat?

Unlike in developing economies wherein majority of the people are struggling to make ends meet, Halloween fun is considered big deal for most of the kids and teens in developed countries like the United States. Lots of halloween hullabaloos (e.g. events, parties, products) about the holiday are being advertised via the tri-media prior to the Halloween night, held in the evening of October 31st , mainly to entice customers into buying or patronizing related products. Some people would then either buy Halloween stuffs, from decors to food, for their homes or trick-or-treating for kids or throw Halloween parties for family and … Continue reading A Trick or Treat?