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Boracay: The Paradise To Beat! – The Second Day

I woke up the next day looking forward to having a glimpse of the beach at daytime as it was getting dark and raining when we reached the island the other day. Note that in tropical islands like those in the Philippines, weather can be erratic and unpredictable, and so I was skeptical of the events that would be in store for the Boracay visitors at this time of year. When I rushed out of the hotel room, I was glad to see the morning sun smiling; its beaming rays extended to the hotel’s veranda made me smile too! I … Continue reading Boracay: The Paradise To Beat! – The Second Day

School Year-End Activities – Helpful Tips and Thoughts

Wow! What a great school year!!!! Summer vacation has just started  for some students here in the US. Most of the schools are still busy preparing for their culminating activities particularly for those graduating in middle and high schools. Students who have exerted more effort and performed excellently in class will definitely receive awards and recognition from their respective Alma Maters. However, for students who are in lower grades/levels and have showed outstanding performance normally gets awards during recognition day. Have you ever seen the reaction of children receiving awards in school for their good performance  or have you experienced yourself … Continue reading School Year-End Activities – Helpful Tips and Thoughts

Helpful Natural Tips For Healthy Hair

Believe it or not, this is the fist time in my life that I have been extra conscious of my hair.  Before, I just couldn’t care less how my hair looked as long as it was clean, smelled good, and tolerable (not horrible!), then that was it! . Businesses involve in beauty salons and hair care products may have gone into insolvency if all of the women have followed my footsteps. I am just the type of person wherein beauty salons and parlors were  not part of weekly agenda .  When I was in my teens, I wore a real long … Continue reading Helpful Natural Tips For Healthy Hair