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Caregiving: An Underrated Job?

Did you know that November is the National Family Caregiver Month? I really didn’t have any slightest idea that the entire month of November is dedicated for caregivers until LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) forwarded  an invitation regarding a symposium on related matters with medical practitioners of the Department of Social Work and the New York Hospital Queens (NYQH) attending the said event. The National Caregiver Month was primarily designed to honor the millions of caregivers throughout the globe, especially the women, who have persevered in their duties caring for sick loved ones, for people they don’t know from day … Continue reading Caregiving: An Underrated Job?

Helpful Tips On What To Do During An Earthquake

I was triggered to write this article in view of the major recent earthquakes that hit certain parts of the globe within a span of two months in year 2010. Major ones were the one that hit Chile today (February 27) with a catastrophic magnitude of 8.8 on the Richter Scale and another in Haiti (January 12) with a 7.0 magnitude. It may be normal to be paranoid or to feel scared (especially for children) of the occurrence of the said natural calamity of this enormity. We all know that several lives and properties were lost in the said earthquakes … Continue reading Helpful Tips On What To Do During An Earthquake