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Faith And Family: The Joy of Love

Juliet (not her real name) was a teacher in the Philippines before she decided to leave abroad for work as a nanny in NYC. Although it was dreadful saying goodbye (leaving her loving husband and 5 children), she thought it was the best option for her so she would be able to help augment the meager income that she and her husband get as contractual employees. At first, she was able to maintain a good relationship with her husband via internet communications, but it didn’t end happily. To cut the story short, their marriage turned sour after 15 years of … Continue reading Faith And Family: The Joy of Love

Ash Wednesday: A Gentle Reminder/Call!

Few days ago, we had Valentine’s Day and this week’s Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, two very important celebrations in our lives. And, so? What’s the correlation between Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s day? Well, there is a connection in a way! Apart from being celebrated under the love-month of February, both events have a common variable and that’s “LOVE “. Let me elaborate this before I proceed to the main issue. Some people say that just like bread, expressing love to someone else (couples, sweethearts, etc) should be made fresh everyday and not just on a particular day! But, we have … Continue reading Ash Wednesday: A Gentle Reminder/Call!

A Moment of Reflection

  In observance of the Holy Week, myusefultips.com shall be giving you some personal reflections about this season.     For us Christians, we have learned that Lent is the perfect time for being quiet, reflective, to be sorry for our sins, and  meditate on the passion and death of Jesus Christ. We likewise undertake certain things such as praying and doing acts of mercy and love.     However, do we know that Lent is the season of the year where we prepare for Easter time as well? Lent signifies the freshness of new life — we could  be transformed … Continue reading A Moment of Reflection