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Friends In Need…. : Tips and Thoughts

  Are friends in deed, indeed! Some would say, you're a “real” friend when you're around in good and most particularly in bad times. That's why we are truly blessed when we are endowed with friends who are there when we needed them the most, minus vested interests. The lack of material things, monetary and non-monetary, is definitely not a hindrance to comfort a friend in need. Our presence and some other form of assistance are more than enough to express our love and concern for a friend who's experiencing life's uncertainties and problems.  The tropical storm “Sendong” or “Washi” … Continue reading Friends In Need…. : Tips and Thoughts

Persons Are Gifts….

“Persons are gifts…..they come all wrapped so differently, some so loosely, others so tightly, but wrappings are not the gifts”…., and so the song goes.  A nun taught us this beautiful song in our teens and its simple lyrics struck me more than its melody which is pleasing to the ears as well. I’d like to thank her for this, wherever she’s now. We’ve met interesting people in our lives and we’re just grateful for the opportunity to have encountered them, right? There are some of us who have remained faithful despite the distance and the absence of visibility (if … Continue reading Persons Are Gifts….

Loyalty To One’s Country:A Forgotten Virtue? – Tips and Thoughts

The song “”Bayan Ko” (or “My Country”) describes in so many  ways a person’s loyalty to one's country, like that  of a person who is in a far-off place facing sacrifices and challenges.  For those who are not well versed with the song and therefore couldn't relate with its message, in view of language barrier, it doesn't really matter but for those who may be curious to know what it is all about, the song simply refers to nationalism and loyalty to one's country. This blog shall not endeavor to dig into the origins of the song, its evolution and how … Continue reading Loyalty To One’s Country:A Forgotten Virtue? – Tips and Thoughts

The Amazing Joy of Christmas Carols – Tips and Thoughts

Singing Christmas Carols? Has anyone of you experienced this before? As Christmas day is almost upon us, I would like to share with you my nostalgic recollection and happy memories of Christmas carols when I was still small. Some of my siblings, friends and I would go practically from door-to-door of our neighbors singing Christmas carols. After school, we gathered at our house and practiced the songs with so much gusto. Innocent kids as we were, there were instances where we simply couldn’t pronounce the words very well and it was so funny as most of the times, we butchered … Continue reading The Amazing Joy of Christmas Carols – Tips and Thoughts

HCJ-Fil Choir 1st YTb – “Hindi Kita Malilimutan” – Tips and Thoughts

Do you know that the month of November is dedicated to the holy souls in purgatory? Probably, some of you may only be aware that the 2nd day of November (after All Saints Day) is the feast day of the holy souls in purgatory, but not for the entire month of November. I understand that under the Church’s culture, the living faithful are enjoined and reminded to pray for the said souls whose sins have already been forgiven before they die but sill have to pass the purgatory to suffer and cleanse their sins before entering Heaven. Our prayers for … Continue reading HCJ-Fil Choir 1st YTb – “Hindi Kita Malilimutan” – Tips and Thoughts