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Each Country Faces Brain Drain – Now, What?

The Brain Drain phenomenon may have probably occurred even before the British Royal Society first coined the term to describe the flight of its intellectuals from England to the Americas. This would involve scientists and inventors like Joseph Priestly and Alexander Graham Bell who both originated from England but came to US to explore opportunities and expand their horizons But that was long ago when the world was still quite primitive and education system was scarce. However, with the present developments, particularly in science and technology and where education system can be offered anywhere, the brain drain issue may no … Continue reading Each Country Faces Brain Drain – Now, What?

Vintage Cars: Men In Black 3 – Movie In The Making

  A friend of mine was surprised one day to see in their Queens neighborhood throngs of old cars from the 1960's  lined up in the main thoroughfare of the said area. Later did she know from the bystanders that those cars were to be used for Will Smith's upcoming  movie, “Men In Black 3”, for some stunts scenes. While the shooting of the said film may have turned out to be a bother to some of the residents and travelers due to the noise, heavy traffic and re-routing, most of the nearby affected residents were excited about it. They … Continue reading Vintage Cars: Men In Black 3 – Movie In The Making