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The Battle For World Peace!

I recall in our younger years, my mother who is a Marian devotee would call everyone in the family to join her in praying the Holy Rosary particularly during the month of October which is traditionally devoted to the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary. She would always include “World Peace” as one of her prayer intentions. (Oh, if only there were digital cameras for taking “selfie” or “groupfie” (group selfie) during those times, it would be a “sight to behold” for the ten of us in the family kneeling down and reciting the Holy Rosary!) How about these days? … Continue reading The Battle For World Peace!


Featured Article:  By L.F-Posecion (Contributor) A centuries-0ld popular spiritual tradition, the May Flower Festival or Flores de Mayo (as fondly called by Filipino Catholics throughout the globe ) is celebrated every month of May, a time of offering flowers in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This tradition dates back during the Spanish era when it was first introduced to Filipinos by the Spaniards. The procession during the May Flower festival which is also known as “Santacruzan” forms part of the festivity and said to have originated during the time of St. Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great, 300 … Continue reading FLORES DE MAYO: A JOYFUL FESTIVITY

A Spiritual Journey To Remember – Tips and Thoughts

  Some people go  into a pilgrimage with the end view of uplifting and deepening their relationship with God. Each of us has our own way of doing this taking into account our religious faith, personal beliefs and traditions. The Muslims for instance are required as much as possible and at least for once in their lifetime to make a Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca, a place considered holy under Islam doctrine. The same is true with Buddhists and Hindus. The Hindus believe that the Ganges River is sacred and so they visit the said place at least once a … Continue reading A Spiritual Journey To Remember – Tips and Thoughts