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The Battle For World Peace!

I recall in our younger years, my mother who is a Marian devotee would call everyone in the family to join her in praying the Holy Rosary particularly during the month of October which is traditionally devoted to the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary. She would always include “World Peace” as one of her prayer intentions. (Oh, if only there were digital cameras for taking “selfie” or “groupfie” (group selfie) during those times, it would be a “sight to behold” for the ten of us in the family kneeling down and reciting the Holy Rosary!) How about these days? … Continue reading The Battle For World Peace!

Welcome 2011! – A Penny For Your Thoughts and A Way To Enjoy It!

  It’s mid-January and I am still in the process of reconciling my thoughts on which topic to blog first. Let me see. My first days of 2011 were actually a continuation of our tour and hotel escapades with my Fil-Aussie friend. Before we transferred to another hotel in the city, I had a green tea and a Chinese biscuit (hopia) for my New Year's breakfast. Since I was not feeling well due to the chilly and cold weather outside on New Year’s Eve, I had to take a natural Vitamin C in strip and a paracetamol which quickly replenished … Continue reading Welcome 2011! – A Penny For Your Thoughts and A Way To Enjoy It!

Smart, Efficient, and Useful Grocery Shopping Tips

Believe me guys, I am the type of consumer who can be excited and who looks forward to making her trip to the supermarket.  For me, it is like going to the mall to shop for my shoes, clothes and other fashion stuffs- the only difference ……..is the tax! As a matter of fact, grocery shopping is even more challenging and a fun-filled task, once you get the hang of it. This is where my smartness and sheer business acumen comes into the picture! To some, it may be stressful especially if it is done with a limited budget for … Continue reading Smart, Efficient, and Useful Grocery Shopping Tips