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Let It Snow, Let It Snow…..

  What happened on the 21st of January even off my frustration last December. I was expecting a white christmas celebration but no snowfall came. Last Saturday, however, I woke up with snowfalls gently knocking on my door! It was beautiful to see the roads all covered with fine crystals of snow. Being a snow buff, I went out straightaway to enjoy the snowfalls even if they were starting to fade away. I simply revelled in the winter beauty of the earth and the said snowfalls perfectly made my day! It's just amazing how nature make us happy! Right guys? … Continue reading Let It Snow, Let It Snow…..

The First 2010 Snow Fall in the Big Apple

  When I was young, I am always amazed of hearing Christmas stories about Winterland and White Christmas. It is probably because of my innocence about the subject matter and likewise my fondness of white things such as snow. When I learned a week ago from the AccuWeather forecast that NYC may experience White Christmas Day, I had this secret feeling of joy inside me just like a kid! I like the fact that there will be real snow falls or snow flakes to watch from my window…..and then all of a sudden Santa Klaus comes in and knocks at the door to … Continue reading The First 2010 Snow Fall in the Big Apple