The Mother Who Rocked The Cradle!

I don’t mind saying the same salient features about my mother over and over again. I thank God for making mothers like mine! For me, she was the greatest!

Even if she’s no longer visibly around, she remains  a guide, protector and a friend. There were times that she appeared to me in my dreams together with my Dad, who left years ahead of her, making me feel that they are still looking after their children, appreciating of our accomplishments and comforting us in our trials and tribulations. When it comes to my parents, I tend to be emotionally fragile, sometimes I get teary-eyed and couldn’t avoid sobbing alone, once in a while.

While my mother didn’t rock the “boardrooms”, she absolutely rocked the “cradle”, which is the very essence of being a mother! She reared her 9 children, humbly attending to their needs. She had no option but to stay home with all of us. She was a major influence when it comes to decision making and dealing with other people.

Below are some funny and astonishing facts about my mother which she probably would not have known, and I thought this is the best way to honor her during Mother’s Day!

1.  A selfless, very kind-hearted generous woman yet tough and strict.

I remember when we’re still kids, my mother would gather us to pray the Angelus every 6 pm each day and wouldn’t start the prayer if one is missing in the group. If someone is not around and still playing outside with friends, she would look for us and had this amazing unique way of calling us. It was a bit funny or the sweetest sound but it was also of a concern because we knew there could be an accompanying responsibility and at times a price we had to pay for not being at home on time. And believe me when we pray, we couldn’t just be anywhere, we had to be with the group and kneel just what she did. Otherwise, we would get a word of caution or warning from her!

As a very kindhearted woman, she was so accommodating to anyone, especially the lowly and oppressed, knocking on our door begging for food and clothes, despite the challenges that our own family was facing. She fed and gave them out slightly used old clothes, sometimes with an extra small sum of money, making people leave our house with happy faces. She couldn’t bear the sight and the thought that poor people leave her house in sorrow. I remember another instance where we would welcome some people in our home on an honor-system basis, to the extent of allowing them to stay with us for years and treat them just like a member of a family. In fact, these people were sent to school and in exchange, they would do certain household chores, just like what we did at home – running household and/or personal errands.

2.  A self-reliant, independent and a hands-on person.

She was a very hard working woman, an all around, do-it yourself person. She was a very good cook wherein some of my favorites include the very tasteful home made cakes (torta) baked in an old style fire furnace, sweet and salted rice cakes (suman), cassava cakes, fish “escabeche” (a Spanish recipe), beef stew with tomato sauce, tapas, her own “adobo” with a twist style , green seaweed/sweet potato leaf salad added with vinegar and onions, steamed tarot and yams and so many more. She was our chef and we would be her assistants, preparing the ingredients but we’re more interested on the taste test side of it!

She was our hairstylist and continued to be when ever we’re home. In fact, she was the one who first cut our hairs and did our first curls. There were times that we would try to beat each other and fall in line for the hair cut during weekends. Trust me, she was very good at it, and she could truly style the hair the way we wanted it to be. Probably she was forced to learn it by herself because almost of her children are girls except for one boy. And oh yes, even our brother got his first taste of a haircut from her!

3.  A businesswoman in her own right.

I recall when my older siblings had to go to college, she engaged in a small store business so as to augment the family’s earnings. I also learned and acquired from her my business acumen, the wholesale/retail consignment method and the pricing strategies. She may not be an MBA degree holder but it was great that my first informal business know-how emanated from her. She was intelligent and I’ve discovered that she was among the top of their class during her school days.

I learned from her about the barter system. She may not be aware of the technical parlance, but yes she knew how to trade our things in exchange for commodities. An instance was when poor farmers would go to the city center to trade their crops in exchange for clothes, blankets and other things they needed in their respective homes. My mother would engage in said activities, In fact even without the traded goods, she would end up giving the needed things to them.

I mentioned in my previous blog that my mother fashioned dresses for her young children. During her spare time, she would sketch the dress and make a pattern on a piece of large paper before sewing it, instead of buying ready-made clothes. She didn’t go to a formal fashion school, it was more of a self-taught learning skill. She did not only sew some of our dresses but also for some small projects like curtains and pillow cases for home use.

4.  A very patient, relentless and pious woman.

Ever since I was a child, I observed my mother would wake up in the wee hours (3 or 4 am) of the morning, kneel beside her bed and pray the Holy Rosary and other devotional prayers. This habit of hers continued up to her heydays. During her mid younger days , I would hear her murmurs, silently saying her intentions. Except when she’s indisposed, she would hear mass every day in the morning and would bring us bread or any food which she bought on her way home. To her, the day would not be complete without attending the Holy Mass and receiving the Holy Communion.

My mother was my first teacher and catechist. I first learned from her about God and everything about spiritual beliefs. She first taught us the basic prayers and the Angelus and later the Holy Rosary with the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Even without deliberate memorization of the said prayers but because of the constant praying of the Holy Rosary, I was able to memorize the mysteries and would you believe the litany as well which up to now I recite it by heart! For us young kids and teens then, we didn’t grasp the full significance of the said prayers – it appeared said things were repetitious and were imposed on us! It was only when we were growing up that we’re able to recognize the beauty and the importance of praying, especially the Holy Rosary. Truth is, I have applied and still am the lessons learned from my mother imparting the message on how prayers are important in our lives. Another very good trait which we’ve learned not just from my mother but from my father as well is the blessing after praying, we had to place their hands on our foreheads as a sign of respect. Thereafter, the younger siblings would then go to the older ones and do the same thing.

Our mother was involved in church related organizations. As a matter of fact, she became one of the sponsors or “hermanas” during feast day celebrations. This is the reason why majority of her children are now actively involved in civic and socio-related activities.

She was my first music teacher too. She loved to sing and had a sweet voice. Hmmm, my good voice must have come from her, kidding aside! Oh yes, she had this skill of doing second voice thru the so-called “owido” (playing it by ear), I realized I have also acquired it from her. And more, oh yessessss, she danced gracefully as well!

5.  A  doctor/nurse, mentor, critic, and a best friend ever.

I recall when we were sick during our younger days, our mother was the one who was there awake all night by our side, caring for us, cooking and feeding us our favorite food, giving us the needed medicines to make us well and healthy.  It was just so frustrating that I wasn’t there by her side when she needed me most. I know from the deepest of her heart, there was understanding, just what she had been – a very considerate person.

She was our critic even during her golden years. Whenever she saw us not in proper attire, that is, if we’re showing a little some of our skins, she would jokingly call our attention .  And if she liked it, she would just sit there in the corner quietly looking at us with a smile dancing upon her lips. I knew she was keeping her praises for us to herself. She was not really outspoken as far as flattering and pleasing people are concerned. As I said, she was more on the “critiquing” side!

She was our best friend ever. When our Dad first left to join Our Creator, our mother was wandering from one of her children’s place to another. Even in her older years, she tried as much as possible to travel and visit her children and be with them for a month or so. She would initiate the planning of a reunion for all of us and I can still vividly recall how she looked very happy, anxiously waiting for us at the gate whenever it was time for our flight arrivals. She had plans in mind with one of my sisters as her partner. We would go to a beach for a swim, visit tourist places, or just simply stay at home discussing various issues or even ending up in arguments! Oh yes, we’re normal creatures, especially in a female dominated place – we had misunderstandings- the so called siblings rivalry – and she would be the arbiter! But overall, it was a great feast for all of us with the delicious food served on the table!

On her  last birthday and final days on earth :

On her birthday, we planned for a grand celebration for her. We offered gifts, flowers, and delivered our extemporaneous personal messages which she gladly accepted with a modest smile. We designed a program and had the presentations recorded on video and a “ banner greeting” with her photo mounted on the wall of the hotel’s ball room. She was very excited about it, as if she was celebrating her 18th birthday. I recall we sang the song “Through the Years” with a twist and re-worded it so as to suit the occasion. How I wish I could have written this before and delivered a well thought meaningful birthday message during that time. I am sure she would only smirk at it but would be proud of me silently at the same time!

When I last saw her, my mother was still feeling great. When I went abroad, I recall she kissed and hugged me tightly as if she wanted me not to go but I simply ignored it and set aside the emotions brewing at that time. Our communications then were limited and undertaken thru telephone calls and internet conveyed messages. There were always the friendly reminders from her – the love and care of a mother to her child, until the gloomy sad news that she followed Dad to be with God in Heaven. I would have wanted to say my deepest sincere apologies to her for my shortcomings, for my limitations and weaknesses. I would have wanted to say a quadrillion thanks for all the love and sacrifices. I would have wanted to share with her more of my time and tell her how much her child deeply loved her, but she could no longer hear it, feel it! That time was the most difficult, unhappiest and terrible moment of my life, in fact till now. But when I think of my mother when she was alive, it gives me emotional and spiritual healing, because I know she will always be there to offer prayers for her children, to offer birthday masses for her children and to comfort them when in trouble and in despair, no matter what, against all odds!

To my Mom,  my heartfelt Happy Mother’s day to you in heaven and to the mothers out there especially to Nanay Gloria, a wonderful and joyful Mother’s day to you all!