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Useful Tips On How To Widen Circle of Friends

Did you know that February is the International Friendship Month? Well, Yes! So, that makes it extraordinary and timely to celebrate the special bond among friends! I remember this particular verse from a song: “No man is an island, No man stands alone..” which merely reiterates that all people throughout the world, even great men and women, recognize the importance of friendship.

This blog is my way of appreciating and paying tribute to the word “Friendship” and to all of my wonderful friends!

Here are some tips on how to win new friends:

1. Knock on Door of Your Neighbors

To take an initiative to make friends with your old and new neighbors is a good trait to start with. Knocking on one’s door, with a shy hello, smile and a hand shake to offer (and a freshly baked cookies, much better) is simple enough yet rewarding in the long run. This is a first step to know the people in the neighborhood and build friendly relationship.

2. Volunteer

To offer your services for free in any organization, such as the non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) or non-profit organizations, will not only provide you the opportunity to meet and interact with new people of diverse backgrounds but you will also gain new friends. In my case, it is a wonderful and meaningful experience to spare a little of my time and have contributed to advance a worthy cause which could have a positive impact in the community where I belong. If you have a passion for helping out, go to Idealist.org which provides you a wide range of volunteering services.

3. Go online and join social networking groups

There are a lot of things you can do online to meet new acquaintances and buddies. Examples are Facebook, Twitter, Online Chat Clubs, Video Sharing Clubs, Business Networking, Craft Making Clubs, Sports Club, and many more would enhance your circle of friends. There are pluses and minuses though in joining networking clubs on the Internet , so there is a need to exercise caution and to be smart in dealing with it when complications arise.

4. Acquire a Pet

For people who have no allergies to fur of dogs, this is one way to enjoy a company with your pet dog. While I am not really a “pet lady”, I believe that among the animals, dogs are man’s best friends”. When you have a dog, you will be encouraged to go out, exercise or merely enjoy a walk with them. It has also been proven that dogs provide health benefits – giving you love and companionship – a stress-free life indeed!

5. Join any Clubs (e.g. Book Club, School related Club, Fraternities, etc.) or any Civic Organizations

Participating in various organizations (whether formal and informal groups) will give you the opportunity to make friends and network with all kinds of people, who can contribute to make positive changes in your lifestyle. Joining book reading clubs for instance may enhance your communication and auditory skills. You will also be able to gain additional knowledge from the other members in various fora and discussions. Sometimes book clubs do offer discounts during book sale and lifetime rewards for members.

6. Keep in Touch with your Alumni Association

Connecting with your Alma Mater and joining the Alumni Association will not only give you the chance to refresh your relationship with some of your “once upon a time” buddies but also create new friends with those not so close to your during your younger days. It will also keep you updated about your former colleagues, their addresses, career and family. Likewise, it strengthens the connection between the institution, the alumni and the community as a whole. –offers a wide range of assistance in finding and posting jobs, networking, lifetime opportunities –discounts and privileges – meet new friends and explore interesting opportunities.

7. Support Groups

Looking for in person or group support especially for people facing problems (family, financial, spiritual health, etc.) will serve as a “shoulder to lean on” to them. These groups provide assistance thru advice and moral support which sometimes lack from your immediate family. It is also good to talk to people who are similarly situated as you. Your may ask your doctor to suggest for a support group which you can join or you can go online and search for support groups suitable to your needs.

8. Obtain Further Education or Get Additional Skills

Enrolling in summer classes (acting class, guitar lessons, swimming lessons, dance class, etc.) and getting a night class to boost your career path do also serve as perfect venues for gaining additional friends.

9. Attend trainings, seminars and conferences

To be visible in any kind of gatherings or meetings such as these will provide you the much needed break to meet business prospects and more likelihood they will be your good partners and friends in the future.

10. Keep the Faith

You can find friends in your worship place. One way of doing this is to join choir groups and be an active member of your congregation.


Friendship Quotes:

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose” – Tennessee Wiiliams

“One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives” – Euripides

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them” – Mother Teresa


2 responses to “Useful Tips On How To Widen Circle of Friends”

  1. Keisha says:

    Hello! My take is that when you have money and help other people with it, people will start befriending you! Thus, you will have tons and tons of people around you, some will become your friends while others will just be opportunists! This is the real situation and normal!

  2. Ensing says:

    I am from Vietnam. I write to you because I like your blog very much. Yours is my favorite website!