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Yes, She’s Back

My Useful Tips went into hiatus for almost a year for some unexpected break! The year-long absence wasn’t planned at all, it just happened along the way. She completely lost sight of it, about the basic rationale behind her blogging! She thought the topics and issues during the past months on social media were filled with befoul trash-talks and mudslinging particularly on issues about politics. The negative attacks were just so overwhelming that it made her decide to free up her time, and even to the extent of almost deactivating her social media accounts temporarily.

Don’t get her wrong. She loves expressing her thoughts in and “kibitzing” on social media updates. That’s why she’s back! However, much as she would love expressing and sharing her views in the blogging world about anything rolling around in her head, there will be some slight shift in her tone and perspective on what to write about, hopefully to focus on the good things in life! She thought a lot about it and needed to refocus and re-prioritize on what truly matters for her!

Meantime, she would like to welcome you back to her blog, and hopefully you stay tuned for what is to come in the future!

Yay, she’s back and thank you in advance for your time. Have a great day!