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A Blessing In Disguise! -Light At the End of the Tunnel

There was a time in my bff’s (best friend forever) professional life when she felt betrayed and humiliated by certain people whom she had crossed paths with. At first, these “decent” people appeared to be gracious and gentle, apparently however, they needed my friend for their smooth triumphant entry. Unknowingly and probably due to my bff’s naivety of the word “power play” in the corporate world, these people ((prior to joining the organization) had already specific agenda in mind, i.e., to take steps on how my friend could be stripped of most of her crucial duties. They felt my friend could serve as a barrier in their political agenda, taking into account their personal and businesses vested interests.

My friend is the type of person whose only passion was to serve her organization with so much dedication and enthusiasm so as to effectively run the organization despite the lack of resources. To recapitulate, these people succeeded as my friend had decided to relinquish her post and get out of the entire picture, so to speak.  As such, they manage the organization to their heart’s content.

Understandably, my friend got hurt and felt dejected due to the betrayal and humiliation of what had happened to her. She’s an assertive type of person and can be a “fighter” at times, but in this particular case she didn’t fight it out. She didn’t even know why it happened so fast all of a sudden. She felt she was alone, helpless and had nothing to arm them to the teeth! She thought asserting her rights at that time wasn’t worth it and doing so will only aggravate the brewing conflict between her and this “decent” newbie and his flock of aide-de-camp.  These people were rich and influential – it was easy for them to shoo her away to pursue their selfish agenda (e.g. take out/access to some confidential info. that will aid them in their private business endeavors).  So true, these people left the office altogether after amassing as much as information and data they needed/wanted.

To overcome the misery, she lifted up everything to God, relying on and trusting in His infinite goodness and mercy. She recognized that what she had experienced was merely a minute compared to what Jesus had gone through when He was being insulted, persecuted, scourged, crowned with thorns, and crucified on the cross. She realized too that many people in the world are faced with greater challenges and problems than what she had gone through. My friend found her strength in literally “crying out loud” to God about the unfortunate experience, about the sad reality of leaving the organization for good, a workplace where she had loved most. But because of her faith in God, it only took her a while to overcome the sadness of the loss of what she was familiar with at her workplace on a daily basis. She realized it was probably a blessing in disguise…that God has something new and much better in store for her. She didn’t give up, instead she moved on. She accepted what was given to her, and said acceptance resulted in joy, peace, excitement and freshness in her life.  Indeed, what happened was “a blessing in disguise” for her!

We may have encountered problems like what my friend had, regardless. As the saying goes, what is essential is invisible to the eye! God is our little prince who is always there to bring hope, give us courage and provide us with everything we need in our daily lives. We just have to open our hearts and believe in Him with all our mind and strength.

If you’re in the same path as my friend, whatever it may be, just pray and seek God’s help. With His blessings, it is not impossible to overcome thorny roads and stormy days in your life. God is always there for everyone and in the long run, you’ll surely see a “light at the end of the treacherous tunnel”.

I hope you’ve learned something from this true story.

“I gave my back to those who beat me,

My cheeks to those who plucked my beard;

My face I did not shield

from buffets and spitting

The Lord God is my help,

therefore I am not disgraced;

I have set my face like flint,

knowing that I shall not be put to shame.

He is near who upholds my right;

if anyone wishes to oppose me

let us appear together .

Who disputes my right?

Let him confront me

See, the Lord God is my help;

who will prove me wrong?”

Wise words: “The happiness of the man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions “. – Sir Alfred Tennyson

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