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Yay! At Last, New Look: Happy 10th Anniversary My Useful Tips!

Gee, it’s been a decade since My Useful Tips birth in New York City (NYC). Yup, My Useful Tips was planned and conceived during the wee hours of the morning in one of the chilly 4 corners of the room in the borough of Queens, NYC. And yup, My Useful Tips is an Uncle Sam (New Yorker) by birth and a true-blue and full-blooded Pinoy! Whew, getting nostalgic while writing this post! And this feeling of nostalgia reignites those cherished memories, the passion to pursue writing, to learn more and to keep pace with tech trends in a competitive world of the blogosphere.

Fall season is just around the corner in the U.S and in some other parts of the globe, and it was during this season when one of her dreams was realized, i.e., to contribute some itty-bitty good things in life via the blogosphere. Yes, even in small things, in everyday experiences, we can find true inspiration and greatness in them! Hence, this blog!

While My Useful Tips has been around for 10 years, she has only been practically active for a half of it! Her past relationship with the blogosphere was a kinda on and off thing – she virtually went on hiatus! There were so many reasons behind it, the major ones involve issues and topics being discussed on the web and the behavioral pattern of the concerned stakeholders on social media, engaging in mudslinging and throwing befoul trash-talks particularly on politics and current events. Isn’t that frustrating? How can we have a much better world if we join this kind of bandwagon?

Don’t get her wrong. She loves expressing thoughts and “kibitzing” on social media updates. However, much as she would love expressing and sharing her views in the blogging world about anything rolling around in her head, there will be some major happenings and shifts in her tone and perspective on what to write about, hopefully to focus on the good and positive things in life! Let the mudslinging be done by others – but not My Useful Tips – ah ah! She thought a lot about it and needed to refocus and re-prioritize on what matters for her and most especially what truly matters and what is pleasing to God.

Reality check, blogging is a tough endeavor. Determination and commitment are needed here. This is a super high-maintenance area of interest: both technology and content wise. Just like any endeavors, blogs are open and susceptible to external challenges, particularly the online tech market trends which is ever-evolving. To make strides, My Useful Tips collaborated with her NYC-based tech consultant (web/ systems developer), a very generous former colleague and a bff (boy friend forever!) with a brilliant mind who gladly shared his expertise gratis! What are bff’s for anyway? lol. Thus, visitors and viewers or lurkers of My Useful Tips will expect a prettier, techier, faster, sleeker, mobile and ipad-friendlier, and most of all a useful web place to stay and shoot the breeze!

Blogging during this pandemic will occupy most of her time. As we are advised to stay home as much as possible, My Useful Tips see this as an opportunity to find and learn new things to keep pace with the changing times. On behalf of My Useful Tips (www.myusefultips.com), we would like to express her sincerest gratitude to you all, silent and vocal readers for taking time out to drop by, for visiting, liking with thumbs up and hearts or by just even “lurking” this humble web place. As usual, Spirituality, Community Development, Politics and Opinions, Fashion, Love and Environment took a big chunk of the blog’s pie and no doubt likewise elicited comments from both sincere new friends and mischievous kibitzers. The revitalized My Useful Tips will have added features, to wit: Weather update, Current News/Events Around the Globe, Exchange Rate for Various Currencies, and Tech and Market trends. It is always great to see you all coming back and be part of this blog. Thank you!

What a journey it has been! Cheers! Te amo, Je t’aime, Gua ai di, Mahal kita, Dai su ki, Kocham cie, Main tum say pyar karta hoon. Naku penda, Te iubesc, Ti amo, Saya cinta padamu, Main tumse pyar karta hun, Ani ohev otach, Ich liebe dich, Ana behibak, Tangsinul sarang ha yo, Phom Rak Khun, etc. and LOVE Y’all!!!

As singing occupies a little of her extra time, she would like to offer a song for all of you…..it’s one of My Useful Tips theme songs. While she digs Fugees hip-hop version of this, unfortunately she won’t be able to do it. So, please bear with her guitar skills and rough version of the song!

3 responses to “Yay! At Last, New Look: Happy 10th Anniversary My Useful Tips!”

  1. Cameron says:

    It’s always worth it to visit your blog and read your amazing stories. Thank you so much for this!! your blog always inspires me 🙂

    • The Blogger says:

      Wow, We’re thrilled to read this, especially coming from a smart young lady like you. Please continue to be inspired by us, especially in your studies. That’s actually one of the primary objectives of this blog! Take care and stay pretty!

  2. Vince says:

    You’re doing great, keep writing! btw, the song ‘s just fine – you’re good tho!