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The Feeling of A Broken Angel: An Update About Angelina

Do you still recall  about the “Online Romance of Brad and Angelina”.   Surely,  what happened to their marriage was mind boggling.

Almost everyone of Angelina’s friends suggested that moving on was the best thing to do.  But it is easier said than done particularly if it is your first time in a  new place; it could be riveting and disorienting.  Her funds were dwindling,  there was no one to turn to,  and no shoulders of  families and relatives to cry on.  But with her strong faith and  God’s blessings,  Angelina was able to continue with her life in the Land Down Under,  the place where she found a real comforting space,  the House of God.

In the poem she wrote, she felt she’s a broken angel and would require God’s healing hands to mend it.

The Feeling of A Broken Angel

When I used to be down in the dumps, I could express myself through what I was writing down. When I moved to a place called “Land Down Under” for the first time, I was just by myself. How could I deal with it on my own, I wonder!

Please help me God, I feel so lonely. When “Brad” left me I ain’t no money. Hey “Brod”, what will I do when you left me, I ain’t ready. But I hope my favorite brother “Jessie” would help and guide me to find the right “penguin” for me.

To those who don’t know, My brother Jessie suddenly passed away few months ago. Unfortunately, few days later, I found out my husband had cheated on me. Perhaps, that was my brother’s way of telling me, set him free.

When my brother died I needed to get back home sweet home, But I find myself laid off; my boss was so mean that very day, she said sarcastically “Have a lovely day!”. When I was jobless, “Brad” thought I’m useless, and so he told me “I’m moving out today”. That was cruelly insane, I thought this can’t be real, yet I don’t have a choice, but to live on my own.

When I was heart broken, I wake up everyday thinking how will I survive?  I feel devastated, I feel exhausted, the emotional pain doesn’t even subside Everything just happened so abruptly, not even a month, When he walked away from me, I didn’t even shed a tear even tho I want.

When you see yourself as valuable, you gonna fight for it undefeatable. As soon as he ended up the relationship cowardly and cluelessly, I know the fight is not worthy, definitely!

When you believe in God, when you believe in the power of prayers, when you have so much faith in you, nothing will be impossible. I may be a broken Angel, I may be alone here in the Land Down Under, I may have difficulty in moving on but I know God won’t let me suffer.

My life aint easy but surely my brother will whisper the Lord from up the Sky, And He will make no other way but to lift me High. He will guide me, protect me and give His endless blessings coz He knows all I want is a Happy Ending!

Although I’m currently working as a masseuse which is far different from my past professional work experiences, well, maybe its just my excuse. I may feel unlucky, may not be pleased and satisfied with it coz it’s hard, tiring, and risky, but I still consider this a blessing and somehow this makes me feel happy!

Whenever my client says, “I feel lighter and I feel so much better,” I feel Happy. Whenever my manager and co-worker says, “You look beautiful everyday”, I feel Happy. Whenever my boss says, “she will look after me and will give her approval to get another job”, I feel Happy. Somehow and in someway, I feel I’m very Lucky!

There’s something I feel that helping other people is worthwhile, To help people is satisfying for me, to help them ease the pain even just for a little while. Sharing my God-given talent which are singing and massaging, especially to those people in need, is something fulfilling and gratifying.

Just like other people, I want to feel Respected, I want to feel Loved, I want to feel Accepted, and all these would make me Happy and Contented!

Yes I’m a Broken Angel, I need God, Please help me, I have to Follow, Worship, Obey and Adore Thee. so as To keep me Safe, To keep me Sane and To keep me Survive, I just want a life filled with just enough good things to sustain and keep me and my family alive!

Yes I’m a broken Angel, Clearly Moving on aint Easy. Yet God will make a way surely and in the end all His plans is to make me happy!

Now I’m ready to accept the Truth that my brother has left me, Now I’m ready to accept that my Destiny is to choose the right “Penguin” for me! Now I’m ready to accept enough Hello’s and Goodbye’s, The Lord doesn’t want me to Give Up coz He Never say Die!

2 responses to “The Feeling of A Broken Angel: An Update About Angelina”

  1. VeniseV. says:

    In the first place, If and when you have full trust in God, your heart will never be broken! Cheers!

  2. Lora says:

    Many thanks for the useful tips! I can sympathize with Angelina – been there, done that! Indeed, prayers are of help.