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LAKERS Beats HEAT In 1st NBA Finals 2020: Look Who Watches It Outside The Dome!

Who would have thought that the NBA Finals for 2020 would be held inside a Bubble, or under the Dome, so to speak! Do you remember the American science fiction mystery series shown on Netflix where suddenly the residents of a place were isolated/cut off from the rest of the world? That was Under the Dome, right?

Well, with the onslaught of Covid-19 pandemic, the NBA players and staff would be as if they will be kept under the Dome to protect them from the virus. NBA officials adopted certain protocols to curb the spread of the infectious virus by preventing physical presence of fans and onlookers inside the Bubble, and strictly limiting the entry only to players, referees, staff, including their families and close friends in their own bubbles. This is the first of its kind in the basketball sports history!

Once inside the Bubble and after being tested for COVID-19 virus, they will be quarantined in their own bubbles until the results are available. Players are not allowed to go outside the Bubble and if they do for some urgent/emergency matters, they will not be allowed to return without going through the same quarantine requirements.

Another salient feature of having NBA games under the dome is that audience are allowed to virtually watch the game, as if they are present inside the arena to cheer for their own preferred teams. NBA collaborated with Microsoft Teams to bring basketball fans in the courtside to be able to react to the live games of their fave players, and for the latter to be able to see them too. According to the Head of Microsoft 365, Jared Spataro, this strategy “gives participating fans the feeling of sitting next to one another at a live game without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes”. Meanwhile, the players will “experience the energy and support” of their fans “as they dribble down the court and see fans’ real-time reaction”. Similarly, the viewers from around the globe watching NBA games from homes, will “feel the crowd’s energy as well as they see the virtual stands filled with fans”. It was funny to watch the virtual audience, they looked like robots on tv or a 3d animation!

But hey look, did I see it right? Was that the former U.S. President Barrack Obama whom we saw as one of the virtual fans seated on the front row of the court side during the 1st game of the NBA Finals between Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat today? Yes, he’s the one, no doubt about it! hmmm.

From time to time, NBA is set to bring out big names for its virtual crowd. If you wish to be invited as one of the virtual audience, just register at NBA DOT COM to be included.

Unfortunately, the Heat failed to keep pace with the Lakers during the first playoff. I was rooting for them though, the underdog of this game. But I’m still happy because my bff was happy. He was for the Lakers! Lebron James performed well. Hmmmph.

I’m no basketball aficianado, but I do watch it once in a while. I just avoid watching it full time because I cant ‘contain the excitement and frustration! Lol