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Love Is In The Air – What’s the Big Deal?

As the song goes, Love is in the air, everywhere I look around, Love is in the air……

February 14 or Valentine’s Day (V-Day) is here once again! So, what’s the big deal?

For couples, partners and lovers, this is just the time of year where you  could have that awesome valid excuse to go out, spend money and freely express your love and affection for one another. Absoultely, it is wonderful to be in love!

For busy bodies and workaholics, the V-Day is something special, so special that it’s only this day that you get the chance to take time out and tell the person in your whole life how important they are to you! Funny but true!

For ladies and girls exclusively dating with someone, this is the chance to clamor for special treatment from your boys, otherwise dump them if they reason out or if they ask for something in return coz they’re not and they will not be your right “man” in the next phase of your life. Sorry guys, when you want to woo your girl, do it in a right way and to the best of your ability and capability!

For single ladies out there, it is okay to be single and there’s nothing wrong about it especially if you’re happy with your life. If you still have the urge to hunt someone, go out from that shell and socialize. Who knows, an all girls-night out on V-Day would be the night you’ve been waiting for! A prince charming may see you there or perhaps the night could be even a hell full of fun than being with a male someone with so much pretense and who can’t even engage in an intelligent conversation, at all. If you simply want to stay home, keep yourself productive and treat yourself with a nice book to read or go out and buy a bunch of roses and chocolates for you!

For haters of V-day, I understand what you’re going through. You may be someone who have loved and lost, just had an ugly break-up, making you cringe about “cupid” things and cynical about love during this time of year. There is nothing to fret and worry about, there are better gorgeous men waiting for you, so get out of hibernation mode!

For advocates of anti-consumerism/commercialization, this is another opportunity for you to shout to the whole world that you do respect love and commitment but loathe the negative sides of a commercialized, media-sensationalized and a fairy-tale like concept of love. With your campaign, people from greeting cards, floral, chocolates, pet owners, stuffed toy industries to restaurant, theaters, hotel and motel magnates would be pressured to start to think and have at least that social responsibility in their businesses.

For me? Yeah, what about me? Oh, my V-day would be low-key just like the previous years, see this? O_O so happy! I let the day pass greeting my loved ones sans cards and all. A mere call and a note is enough for me. Everyday is a V-day for me anyway. Being grateful and appreciating someone’s love and kindness should be done often and not only for a day. Anyway, V-day for a day will be over and what about the other days?

For all of us! Let’s be reminded that LOVE is a wonderful gift from GOD , so let’s share this gift with others and spend it in a Godly way with prudence and respect.  Happy heart’s day to all!

7 responses to “Love Is In The Air – What’s the Big Deal?”

  1. Jale says:

    You have very nice looking site, congrats!

  2. Lorna Limbauan Molina says:

    Hi Ms V…for Valentine's Day!…Nice when we are in love ,we feel special & it's worth living.We all have our own unique way of sending the message to our loved  ones..I still prefer receiving roses  with a kiss as I usually do every Vday  .. it brightens my day .

    • MyUsefulTips says:

      I fully agree ms. koalasydney:-) love the name, it’s hot!
      There are so many ways to show love to our dear and special someone on V-day!
      Keep the love burning! Thanks so much for dropping by….looking forward to
      seeing you here more often. Hope you’ll be able to participate in the fun contest!

  3. Bergdorf says:

    Interesting to read.

  4. Berniece Sannes says:

    This is definitely so true. Love should be made fresh everyday just like bread! That’s just my perception!

  5. Cunnick says:

    It’s hard to decipher love….