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Should I Have Plastic Surgery?

If you’re thinking about having plastic surgery, you are not alone. According to a survey reported by the Huffington Post, more than 70% of females polled by a woman’s magazine in 2011 wanted to undergo these procedures, while nearly 50% intended to have cosmetic surgery in the future. In the years following this report, and the economic recession, the popularity of these procedures has not waned. In fact, one source recently estimated that more than 50,000 plastic surgery operations took place in the UK during one year alone. These operations have become extremely popular during the last few decades, with reasons such as celebrity backing, increasing standards in the medical profession, and the ease of treatments making plastic surgery seem like a viable option. However, although having cosmetic alterations might appear to be a sensible choice, sometimes these treatments are not right for individuals. Fortunately, if you are wondering whether or not you could benefit from plastic surgery, this guide should make you make an informed decision.

Why do I want plastic surgery?

Before hiring the services of a plastic surgeon, you should first determine why you want cosmetic surgery in the first place. As this is a very big – and often expensive – step, it is absolutely vital to analyse your intentions first. For example, if you have cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance, will you be satisfied with the end results? Moreover, if you are undergoing a procedure to improve a relationship, then this is something which will probably require counselling – not an operation. According to the NHS, those thinking about plastic surgery should ask themselves a range of questions before committing to an operation. These include:

  • Am I expecting cosmetic surgery to improve my lifestyle?
  • Is someone else requesting that I have the surgery? Is this something I truly want myself?
  • Will this improve my social skills and give me extra confidence?
  • How long have I thought about plastic surgery? Why have I been thinking about it?
  • Will I be pleased with the end results?

If you decide to have plastic surgery after answering these questions, then a reputable clinician will ensure that you’re prepared for the operation during the consultation stage of your procedure. However, if in doubt, seek advice from one of these professionals first.

Are my expectations reasonable?

Plastic surgery carries a number of benefits. For example, patients have often described feeling better about themselves and reported an improvement in their self-esteem. In turn, this positive attitude has allowed them to form better relationships with others. Furthermore, as these procedures allow you to determine the outcome – through consultations and advice from a surgeon – individuals have frequently described being able to achieve their desired appearance quickly and easily. Despite this, no operation is without risk. Although the chances of something going wrong are statistically very small, rushing into a procedure without understanding the dangers could be disastrous. Consequently, in this situation, you could suffer unexpected results and might need additional procedures to achieve satisfaction. It is also worth remembering that the effects of plastic surgery can take days to become fully apparent – and these procedures are not an immediate cure-all.

Are there alternatives?

Depending on your reasons and expectations, plastic surgery might not be the best choice. After all, these procedures are expensive, and sometimes there are more affordable ways to get the results you desire. Although treatments such as counselling could be beneficial, many clinics – for instance, Botonics in London – offer alternatives to plastic surgery. Consequently, these could be suitable for those not willing to go ‘under the knife’.

What should I do if I want plastic surgery?

Cosmetic procedures are a huge step and not something which should be taken lightly. Regardless, if you are absolutely set on plastic surgery, then you should find a qualified professional to conduct your operation. In England, the Care Quality Commission can be used to help you accomplish this – and assists individuals in finding only the most reputable clinics. By doing this, an experienced, caring, and qualified professional should help you achieve a satisfactory conclusion. Furthermore, this person will happily answer any queries or concerns you might have.

5 responses to “Should I Have Plastic Surgery?”

  1. Eudy says:

    I am an advocate of a natural beauty even in old age. But I don’t also have any reservations on the idea of enhancing the physical features of oneself. If you’ve got the will and the determination to have some of your parts re-done and if you also have the “bucks” to pay for it, then go for it! Just make sure that everything will be in its proper places thereafter.

  2. Aline says:

    There was one time I have considered having my nose bridge fixed because of a slight injury which caused irritation sometimes, but luckily the irritation’s gone and it has not occurred anymore. I know the nose lift could have enhanced my pretty fair facial skin but on the other hand I was thankful that it didn’t push through because of the perceived adverse side effects of surgical operation which some people encountered.
    I believe that if you feel satisfied and happy with what has been given you, that happiness and contentment would bring beauty and smile to your face, thus making you feel beautiful and more confident about yourself.

  3. Venise says:

    Sorry but I have reservations on this. I’m satisfied with the way I look:-)

  4. Yui says:

    I am for any beauty enhancements. In fact ,I had my eyebags removed and I feel more confident and it’s great!

  5. Sandoval says:

    Thank you for the clarifications. I was considering plastic surgery procedures for my biceps, but I am having reservations now after seeing those “botched” cases on tv.