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A Simple Gratitude List on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday! – Tips and Thoughts

Unlike in other countries, Thanksgiving Day (T-Day for short or Turkey Day as others candidly call it) is a grand holiday in the U.S. where members of the family, relatives and friends get the chance to gather together to celebrate the said day. It is a non-working holiday primarily to commemorate the early American settlers celebration and give thanks to the Almighty God for the blessings such as abundant harvest, religious freedom, and better life, among others.

This is one of the holidays which I particularly like, not to mention the yummy meal (the famous roast turkey with the sumptuous stuffing and all) and the glamorous Macy’s Annual Thanksgiving Parade, and gosh  being just one of the spectators is already a blessing considering the traffic and the large crowd!


(photos property of www.myusefultips.com)

(photos property of www.myusefultips.com)

Watching the parade may be considered small-deal to some but for me, even if I see it only on TV, it makes me happy.  I feel  like a kid in a candy store! Why? Because at the end of the parade, there is a float of St. Nick or Santa Klaus on his sled and this reminds me that Christmas holiday is in the air!

Days before the T-Day, people are busy shopping for holiday gifts and preparing the menu list, and as much as possible  the best dish for the Thanksgiving table. As such, allocating one special day for the entire family to sit down and have good conversation, enjoy the food and be grateful for all the good things bestowed upon by the Creator is indeed an admirable family tradition.

What makes this holiday unique in the U.S. compared to other countries is that the T-Day is normally held on the fourth Thursday of November and that the day after that called “Black Friday” and the Monday next to it, tagged as “Cyber Monday” ensue. Black Friday (or BF) and Cyber Monday (CM) are quite interrelated. These days seem to kick-off the shopping activities either on-line (internet) and in-stores for the Christmas and holiday season, sort of a shopping madness! I was amazed to know that big time U.S. retailers open their  stores as early as 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning which means that people will have to wake up early or in the case of  the “BF  extremists” or should I say enthusiasts, they would camp out two days or a day before the said day just to be first in the  line in order  to luckily get hefty discount tickets for the  very limited much sought after items. Hey, this is true! In fact, I know some people who are really an avid fan of “BF” and they’re fortunate enough to buy the items they much like and if they decide not to use it, they’ll keep it for years unused or sell it on-line for a much higher price, a bonanza on their side! They just love BF and are always looking forward to it. I would think that  the effort of experiencing reduced sleeps, the agony of long lines and cold winter chills, and the waiting time paid off as far as they’re concerned as they seem to be in heaven on the seventh floor, so to speak, after the tiring event! Yes, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, likes and dislikes but that’s kind of weird and amazing at the same time!

In hindsight, the enormous buying and selling activities during these days can be seen as innovative way to stimulate the U.S. sagging economy. Likewise, I don’t see anything wrong with the challenge and fun in participating at “BF” and “CM” events especially if there is a need for the things on sale.

However, the holiday is not just about food, the merriment, and the material things,  it is more about gratitude. The spirit and essence of Thanksgiving Day which supposedly should be a day to thank God and share the blessings to the many, especially those who have none, may have been lost as after thanking God, there’s a tendency for us to acquire more material things even if we don’t really need it. How beautiful it would be to know and see that all of us, especially the affluent ones share our time, talent and treasures to those in need, outside our family box. Perhaps, instead of buying additional new things for ourselves, for our family members and relatives who are equally or richer than us, we can buy food for the poor or donate needed things for them.

When we thank God for all the blessings received , it means we are grateful for what He has given us and presumably He would be glad to see us share our blessings to others too  not only during Thanksgiving Day but throughout the year. God is Love and Love is God. We cannot love ourselves if we don’t love our neighbors, if we only think of ourselves. There are so many ways to be grateful and it does not end with a “thank you” note or a hug, it has to be more than that, it has to be accompanied with an appreciation and a good deed . I know it is easier said than done, especially if we treasure most what we have. Similarly, if  peace and happiness reign in our hearts, we would easily be able to share said happiness to our family and friends.  If there are personal grudges and enmities among the members of the family, it would be good if the same can be resolved at once.   It may be hard to swallow the pride in us, thus may take  a lot of sacrifice, but the gesture of going  out of our way to sincerely greet the other person would also be a perfect way of thanking God and celebrating Thanksgiving Day!

For the special people in my life,  thank you all! Mwah!

For good health, long life and happiness, for world peace and unity among all nations (despite the rifts in other countries), for the beautiful world, our Mother Earth, for all creations, living and non-living things, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH GOD!!!!!!!!

For my awesome readers, thank you so much for your time, for another wonderful holiday!  Happy Thanksgviing to all!   Enjoy your shopping hopefully not only for yourself but for everyone especially those in need!

The following video is a song which perfectly and briefly summarizes what was earlier said. Kindly listen….:)

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    Being grateful is a good virtue. It doesn’t cost a penny to say “thank you”. When all of us learns to swallow our pride, the world will be much better.

    By the way, love your blog. So many things to read here. Many thanks!