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The Beauty of Real Love!

Ah……love, love, love…..love is everywhere! Everyone is “love-struck” when it comes to affairs of the heart, particularly on Valentine’s day!

Every year, most of us consciously celebrate this special day to extraordinarily show our love and affection to loved ones, family, friends and even to ourselves, in so many ways. The fortunate ones will take extra effort to make the occasion more special and memorable by taking a break to spend a “love holiday” such as  eating out at a fine dining restaurant, exchanging lavish gifts coupled with flowers and chocolates and other random acts of romance. Others would simply backtrack and reminisce the sweet old moments, or sing and dance to the rhythm of their favorite love songs. Yup, it feels good to be in love and be loved!

Love definitely lives: it persists, it’s beautiful and  it’s real. Everyone is in pursuit of genuine love, something that is best and authentic. But what is love, the real one? If and when a man/woman tells you “I love you”, does it mean he/she really loves you? Well, it depends on the person who’s saying it and the intentions/rationale behind it!  Hahaha,  rationale and intentions, really? Oh yeah, you’ve got to discover it  by yourselves!

Hmm, real love. Oh, I can ask so many questions….is this the kind of love that:

-makes the world go round (as the saying goes)?

– is unconditional?

– is consistent?

– goes beyond the externals?

– even if it hurts, one still thinks about a person and would do anything for him/her, regardless?

– is about the person you love just the way he/she is?

when both parties choose to love each other for better and for worse?

For me, love makes me whole, it completes me. It is the kind of love that I’ve wished and prayed for. It is the kind of love that heals me, it’s healthy! Sure, I still experience that euphoric spontaneous feeling (the so-called “spark”) with or without the flatter or compliments. But the beauty of Real Love is that it grows and matures. It doesn’t fade away, “never drift apart”! It lingers in our thoughts, in our hearts, and it’s revealed through our actions towards the other person, how we treat and behave towards him or her. It’s still happiness at the end of the day, even after political debates, intellectual discourse and domestic arguments, lol!  It’s a privilege and yes, it’s indeed beautiful!  And I can only thank God for this!

Just remember, we were created by LOVE, to be loved and to love others.  So, ask and pray for Real Love!

Wishing all my dear fb friends a Happy Valentine’s day!

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