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The Go-To Saint For Mr. Right

The month of March is referred to as the month of St. Joseph (although St. Patrick’s Day is also being celebrated in March especially in the US and Ireland) because of his feast day (Solemnity of St. Joseph) which falls on the 19th, and that is today.

As we are all aware, St. Joseph is the foster father of our Lord Jesus Christ and the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Because of his pure love, fidelity, fortitude, and obedience, St. Joseph has earned many wonderful titles. He is considered as the Patron Saint of the Universal Church, Families, Workers, Virgins, Exiles, and even invoked for a happy and holy death. But most importantly, St. Joseph is also the patron saint for those who are searching for “Mr. Right” (or “Ms. Right” for that matter).

Every woman would prefer, as much as possible, a partner in life with God-given qualities like that of St. Joseph: righteous, loving, caring, responsible, loyal, dependable, humble, a man of faith and someone who has great compassion for everyone, and so on and so forth. Who wouldn’t want to have a husband like him, right?

But St. Joseph is unique and extraordinary. He was chosen and destined to be the father of the Son of God here on earth. He was blessed to have this privilege among all men in the whole wide world. As such, the search for a St. Joseph type of man may not be easy breezy! Sure, there are still good real men, 1 out of 10 perhaps, but rare to find. We’re lucky if we find one these days! Some of the good men could be in a relationship or are committed to someone else or are happily married already. But hey it’s still possible, with St. Joseph to lean on, who knows?

One time a friend of mine confided in me about her plan to look for a man who shall stick with her through thick and thin. However, she had these doubts that she might not be able to find one. With two failed relationships, she jokingly stated that good real men nowadays are becoming extinct! Well, I couldn’t absolutely argue and blame her for that, after what she’d gone through. However, at the outset, I advised her not to lose hope and try instead to pray to St. Joseph to help her find a man of her dreams!

Much as we would like to have perfect partners in life (hey perfection is possible), the reality is that it would be too fairy tale- like. As my friend stated, there’s no such thing as perfect partners or even perfect marriages. Perhaps, the quest may be too ambitious.  I told her however that there’s a possibility to encounter a good match for her marriage life. And once again, the prayer to St. Joseph would help her to make it happen.

St. Teresa of Avila is a devotee of St. Joseph. According to her: “I do not remember that I have ever asked anything of him which he has failed to grant”. Similarly, Pope Francis also prays to the sleeping St. Joseph (incidentally, I have my sleeping St. Joseph too, he’s featured in this blog!). The Holy Father likes St. Joseph very much and described him as a strong man of silence. He believes that St. Joseph is looking after the Church even if he’s sleeping!

There are so many testimonies about answered prayers from St. Joseph. In my case, I always say a short prayer to him. As a matter of fact, I have prayed for a “Mr. Right” and I’m so grateful I find one. He may not be perfect but a good decent man with certain qualities I liked in a man. It was God’s blessings, through the intercession of St. Joseph. God gifted me someone who is willing and capable to strive to be efficient and instill excellence in everything he does, and most of all willing (hesitant at first) to deepen his faith in God (as he’s not a religious type of person, he was not used to this kind of faith/Church-based related practices, and taking the spiritual lead in the family). Most men I suppose are like that, but there are men who are amenable to this.

Incidentally, the month of March is our Wedding Anniversary month, and it is on the day before St. Joseph’s feast day. While our marriage is not perfectly perfect or a match made in heaven, still I consider it as one of God’s blessings. Just like other couples, we have encountered challenges in our marriage life, but with God’s grace, everything turned out all right, happy and grateful.

You see, there is value and importance in waiting, praying and hoping that a good man will come into our lives. It has been proven that St. Joseph indeed helps those who seek his intercession. And even if St. Joseph already helped you find one, you need to keep on praying that your husband shall remain good all the time particularly with all the challenges and temptations in the world today.

So, don’t hesitate to go to St. Joseph and he’ll surely help you find “Mr. Right” or the “Ms. Right” of your life!

Hail Guardian of the Redeemer
Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary
To You God entrusted His only Son
In you Mary placed her trust
With You Christ became Man
Blessed Joseph to us too
Show yourself a father
and guide us in the path of life
Obtain for us grace, mercy and courage and
defend us from every evil.

St. Joseph, pray for us. Amen.

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