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The Online Romance of Brad and Angelina: Part 2

As a backgrounder, Angelina and I met in one of social networking sites for some small business engagement. She wanted to re-brand an existing small business (cafe cum fast food business (e.g. pastries, bread, burgers and pizza) in Perth, Australia, employing a shift in its current marketing and advertising strategies. She used to be the operations manager in the said cafe and was asked by the owner to conduct a review on the good and bad (strengths and weaknesses) side of the business. Because of her experience in public relations and events management in the Philippines and with a “doer” and driven personality, she got the job. The owner may have wanted someone whom he can trust and one who can bounce ideas. But, so much on the business side.

In the process of our exchange of communications, Angelina impassingly mentioned to me about her love life and how on earth she landed in the said job. At that time, it was just over a month that his husband had moved out from their apartment. But she was still determined to win him back. She was still confident that a reconciliation is possible. She told me the following unfortunate antecedents of the case, how and what caught them up in some kind of a trap, a marriage blunder so to speak.

Not sure why she has entrusted me about this story but perhaps she was looking for someone, a sounding board, to vent her heart problems instead of handling it herself for comfort and relief perhaps.

Below is a recapitulation of the factors that led to their break-up:

a. Unfaithfulness

While Angelina didn’t provide details on Brad’s philandering, she later found out that he was a real “cheat”; he was dating another woman, probably both of them at the same time, even before their marriage. Angelina had no idea, not a single hint, that she got married to a serial cheater and a dirty lying slug! Despite this, she forgave and gave him another chance.

b. Marriage for Convenience

Brad didn’t tell his family, office mates and friends that he got married in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, he told Angelina to keep their relationship secret until they have a baby. He wanted to remain his single status but he promised her that he will divulge the secret to everyone when the right time comes. Unintentionally however, Angelina when asked one time by their friends about their relationship, honestly told the truth which made him very angry. Even the use of his surname was an issue, he didn’t like her using his name. As such, Brad had no option but to tell his friends that indeed they got married but that it was only for convenience purposes. Huh? A marriage for convenience? Oh wow, Angelina, how could you be so naive? And this made Angelina feel even more sad and depressed.

c. Self-Interest

Brad didn’t want Angelina to be a “stay at home” wife. Barely more than a week of her arrival and after touring a little of the city, Brad had asked her to look for a job. He didn’t like the idea that Angelina would merely look for a 5-day regular office job. Note Angelina wanted to reserve the weekends for domestic matters and to spend more time with him. Instead, Brad encouraged and pushed her to look for a 6-7 day employment opportunity so she could earn soon, earn more and share with the household expenses. Brad thought Angelina would be a burden to his finances in the event she would not be able to find work. Brad had so many dreams to fulfill such as buying his dream house and other luxury items. To him, living with a jobless wife was unprofitable and useless. When Brad learned that Angelina had to quit the job for some reasons, he easily dumped her despite the latter’s plea, disregarding his love for her. What a flimsy ground for leaving her. Oh, what a truly selfish jackas! He didn’t care about the marriage and he didn’t care and love his wife at all, not an iota of it. Brad loved himself, and that was the sad reality.


Obviously, what happened to Brad and Angelina’s marriage was not of the woman’s fault by any means. Here you have a wife who simply wanted to love and serve his husband and live happily with him. But the husband had secret agenda in his mind without her knowing from the very beginning. Brad could probably be one of the tricksters on the web; he had a smooth-tongue of a well practiced narcissist! He abandoned his wife in favor of his own selfish pursuits. For Angelina, all she knew was that this man loved and proposed marriage to her, the man of her dreams who promised to build a life with her, unfortunately the man turned out a “fake”.

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Till next ish guys! See y’all!

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