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World Environment Health Day 2020: Environment Health Essential In Disease Pandemic Prevention

She just realized that there is a so-called World Environment Health Day (WEHD) which is being celebrated every 26th September of the year, separate and distinct from the events of Earth Day and World Environment Day. Did you know this?

My Useful Tips (.com) or MUTC has previously shared with you guys some itty bitty facts and issues about related activities of the said 2 events, but not on WEHD. As part of the blogosphere that promotes advocacy on environment and health issues, MUTC will try its best to start blogging on and promoting the said event every year.

The International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH), based in London, U.K., declared September 26th as the World Environment Health Day to promote awareness of the more important environmental health related issues and problems, provide means of exchanging information and experience specifically on the lessons learned, and encourage cooperation between countries, its national government and private sector organizations, to start taking part, discussing on the subject and formulating courses of action among stakeholders on how to improve the environment health situation around the world.

Since COVID-19 virus is still floating in the air (transmitted from one person to another), the theme of this year’s event of WEHD is “Environmental health, a key public health intervention in disease pandemic prevention”. The rationale behind this is for environment health practitioners around the world to implement disease preventive and disaster preparedness measures, especially in forestalling the spread of infectious/pandemic diseases such as COVID-19 virus.

In the Philippines, Pres. RDuterte has signed a law (Proclamation No. 595) declaring September 26th every year as “World Environmental Health Day” primarily to “raise public awareness on the relationship of health and environment and promote activities and programs which ensure accountability on health and environmental integrity”. An Inter-Agency Committee on Environmental Health (IACEH), with the Department of Health (DOH) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) leading the said task force has been tasked to promote the observance of “World Environmental Health Day” in the Philippines, as well as to determine the theme and identify the programs, projects, and activities for its yearly celebration.

The Philippine Government is cognizant of the fact that the country is beset with some environmental health challenges, especially with the current situation where COVID-19 pandemic is still causing loss of lives. As such, the Environmental Management Bureau of the DENR and Department of Health (DOH), joined together to work on this specifically conducting awareness campaign regarding the interrelationship between environmental health and diseases, with the end goal of maintaining good environmental health and proper safety and sanitation measures, in fighting diseases such as COVID-19 and in preventing future pandemics.

In observance of this year’s WEHD with the theme “Sa Panahon ng Pandemya, Malusog na Kapaligiran ang BIDA”, EMB of DENR and the DOH organized today (25th September) a Webinar series focusing on the country’s programs on water, sanitation and health and related best key practices, specifically on why and how clean environment is important to our health care.

Hope to see you guys there! Let’s do it. Note: Please be reminded that a clean and healthy environment facilitates and builds sound and robust well-being, and eventually saves and lengthens lives. #WEHD2020 #HealthyWorld #HealthyPilipinas #HealthyPhilippines

Hope this article serves its purpose, as in, learning something from this. Thanks for your time.