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Reflections On The Spirit of Christmas: A Joyous Tale of Love and Commitment

Hello, I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas Day and are still enjoying the remaining days of the holiday season. Ours was rather subdued; we stayed at home, listened to classical Christmas music by the Vienna Boys Choir, and delved into online reading covering a plethora of news, current events programs, and vlogs on the web. We admit to indulging in a guilt-free day exploring the vastness of the internet—an indulgence of time that we seldom have during face-to-face exchanges with people. While it was a luxury for ambiverts like us, it would have been even better if we could have spent the Christmas holidays with our folks back home.

Despite the subdued nature of our celebration, we did attend a beautiful wedding ceremony at Don Bosco Church, Makati, few days before Christmas. Situated in the bustling business and financial center of the metropolis, the church, administered by the Salesians of Don Bosco, brought a sense of comfort and nostalgia. As we entered the church, the distinctive concave facade with a large cross at the center, described on the St. John Bosco website as resembling a “magnificent wave with ripples above the altar,” added to the solemnity of the occasion.

The bride, Hazel, is a close kin of our family, and we’ve known her since she was a little girl. She has grown into a conscientious and responsible lady, devoted to her parents. Hazel focused much of her life on her career, rising up the ladder to become an expatriate officer of a large company based in Hong Kong. Her husband, Tito, an industrial engineer involved in finance and investments, shares the commonality of being a graduate of the same university (De la Salle).

Their love story, which began in the second quarter of this year through a mutual friend, defies age, showcasing the timeless beauty of commitment. As the officiating priest shared personal details about the couple during his homily, the love between them mirrors the enduring power of commitment exemplified by the Holy Family. This union signifies a new chapter in their lives, establishing a family rooted in faith, love, and shared aspirations.

To those yet to embark on the journey of marriage or searching for the right partner/soulmate, remember that this Christmas wedding tale whispers a message of hope – be patient, pray, and trust that the right person will come into your life at the perfect time. It encourages reflection on the essence of building a family guided not solely by societal timelines but by the eternal wisdom found in God’s plan. As the couple exchanges vows under the twinkling lights of the festive season, there’s a call for all to deepen their spiritual connection. Beyond the glittering ornaments and merry festivities, Christmas becomes a sacred space for prayer, contemplation, and participation in the sacraments.

In the tapestry of life, the threads of this couple’s love story, woven with the grace of Christmas, remind us that true joy lies in embracing God’s teachings and committing to building a family rooted in His love. May the warmth of His love permeate every home and community, transcending differences and bringing people together in a spirit of unity and harmony.


To Tito and Hazel, we’re so glad to celebrate your special day with you. Wishing you a long and happy marriage with lots of love and happiness.

Regarding the wedding motif, the couple preferred the entourage to wear formal attire with a combination of green colors, both light and dark. Men wore the usual black coat and trousers with a light blue shirt and a light green tie, while attendees donned pastel-colored clothes with pink and blue hues. Some even chose to flaunt sophisticated black attire for the event.

A reception at The Peninsula Manila ensued. The arrangements which includes flowers for the venue were beautiful and the buffet menu were specially curated to cater the most discerning palates: it was delectable and sumptuous. Everyone enjoyed it! Those who love to dance, danced all night away which made the wedding day more memorable and unforgettable!

2 responses to “Reflections On The Spirit of Christmas: A Joyous Tale of Love and Commitment”

  1. doryarticona says:

    Marriage between a man and a Woman is God’s grace given by God through the Sacrament of Matrimony! Blessed are those who received it.

  2. Lenore Tinimbang says:

    Thank you for your beautiful write-up.
    Thank you so much, too for your presence and to Nap who stood as one of the principal sponsors. God bless you more.

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