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Simple Wishes From Young Minds – A New Year’s Resolution

  Ordinarily, when students go back to school in January after the winter or Christmas break , they would be asked by their teachers to list down their New Year's Resolutions. Based on experience, it is much easier to encourage middle school kids to formulate their resolutions than those in high school and college. New Year's resolutions can be similar to formulation of short, medium or long-term plans and programs in a corporate or business settings. The need to review the past year's performance and make assessments on which areas or operations should be stopped or would require improvements are … Continue reading Simple Wishes From Young Minds – A New Year’s Resolution

Investing in Education: A Global Partnership

  Education is one need in life which is close to my heart! Is it simply because I don't have anything, but this?  Education plays a crucial role in shaping a person's career path and professional growth with the end view of becoming successful someday, i.e, getting better jobs and earning more. However, most of us know that even in the field of education, obviously there is a rising social class and inequality. Talented students whose parents can afford to send them to top-tiered schools would have better job opportunities and potentially could be accepted to occupy managerial posts in … Continue reading Investing in Education: A Global Partnership

Fashion For The “Have-Less” And The “Have-Nots”- Tips and Thoughts

  In these precarious times due to the depressing economy, only those in the upper echelons of society (“the haves” and the “have-mores”) are willing and able to spend thousands of green bucks for high fashion, avant-garde and haute couture dressing. A classic example was the recently concluded (4/29) royal wedding of England's Prince William and Kate Middleton where socialites made their respective fashion headlines from head to toe. But, for average and middle-class fashion stalwarts and wannabes (who may still fall under the category of the “haves” ), they  would think twice on whether or not to spend their hard-earned … Continue reading Fashion For The “Have-Less” And The “Have-Nots”- Tips and Thoughts

Not To Be A Fashion Victim – Practical Useful Tips

 Ah, Fashion! One of my weaknesses – yet luckily I have never been or will never be tagged as a fashion victim despite the loads of clothes in my closet! Or, is there  such a thing?  First, let’s dissect what fashion victim means as invented by fashion gurus and as defined in the web. Encarta World English Dictionary describes  “fashion victim” as a person who is overenthusiastic, overzealous or uncritical follower of fashion trends, making the said person vulnerable to the so called “materialism” and “faddishness”.  Oscar de la Renta who apparently first coined the term stated that a person … Continue reading Not To Be A Fashion Victim – Practical Useful Tips

Helpful Natural Tips For Healthy Hair

Believe it or not, this is the fist time in my life that I have been extra conscious of my hair.  Before, I just couldn’t care less how my hair looked as long as it was clean, smelled good, and tolerable (not horrible!), then that was it! . Businesses involve in beauty salons and hair care products may have gone into insolvency if all of the women have followed my footsteps. I am just the type of person wherein beauty salons and parlors were  not part of weekly agenda .  When I was in my teens, I wore a real long … Continue reading Helpful Natural Tips For Healthy Hair