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Earth Day 2017: We Are Stewards, Not Masters of Earth

Have you been a good steward of our Mother Earth? Earth Day is being celebrated yearly since its launching in the 70s in the United States. Basically, its purpose is to remind and inculcate in the minds of all the people worldwide to protect and conserve our planet Earth and its environment. Today (22nd of April) is designated as Earth Day for 2017. Everyone is encouraged to enlighten and empower others with the end view of defending the environment in consonance with this year’s  theme (Environment and Climate Literacy). Education is one essential basic right for each of us, hence, the … Continue reading Earth Day 2017: We Are Stewards, Not Masters of Earth

Earth Hour 2015: Did You Turn The Lights Off?

As early this year, several advocacy groups from both governmental and non-governmental organizations initiated and encouraged people worldwide to take part in the global action to prevent environmental degradation and its adverse impact on our planet Earth. These groups hold yearly celebrations both at the local and international level to inspire worldwide awareness and appreciation of environmental issues. There are two important related events being celebrated this year: one is the Earth Day 2015 which is celebrated next month and another is the World Environment Day , being spearheaded by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), scheduled on the 5th of June. The latter event serves as the people’s day for doing something positive for the environment such as tree planting, school essays and competitions, street rallies/clean ups, recycling drives, bicycle parades and the like. This year’s theme is “Greening the Blue”.

Yesterday (28th March), the so-called Earth Hour under the auspices of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) complemented and kicked-off the said two forthcoming events. Several groups succeeded its mission calling all individuals, families and business communties throughout the world to stand up and get involve by turning off their lights for an hour with the end goal of having a sustainable future specifically to fight against climate change. Everyone noc-turn(ed)-al the lights off in response to the said global call from people in Antarctica and would you believe even to the International Space Station!

In the Philipines, the WWF-Philippines organizers invited participants to a glow-in-the-dark face paintings by Island Souvenirs, followed by a Zumba dance session, which was considered by some to be the biggest Zumba event in the world!


Earth Day was first launched in the 70’s in the U.S. (while Earth Hour in 2007) basically calling all the people worldwide to be mindful of the protection and conservation of our planet Earth and its environment.

As inhabitants of this world, it is our utmost responsibility to contribute in the humblest way we can to make our planet Earth clean and healthy! Why are we still being reminded about caring the place where we live and its environment? Obviously, we have one Earth which is our home – this is where we live, eat, breathe, raise and enjoy the company with our loved ones. IT MAKES SENSE, right? If children in the lower/primary and middle schools are being taught on these issues, how much more for grown ups! If we care and love this place, its next generations, your children’s children, we should have the heart to be actively involved even in the little things.

You may say, oh well, there are high profile organizations like the UN and its affiliates actively handling these matters. But the UN and other groups can only do so much at their level. The initiative should come from us, ordinary citizens, who comprise by the way, the bulk of the pie. We have a vital role to play, we are the major stakeholders, and as such our contributions are deemed important.

I’m far from being an avid green activist, but as being part of this world, I shall be giving you some useful tips in my next blog on how to save our planet and its environs.

Note that based on on UNEP’s yearbook, there are cumulative effects of the degradation of the ecosystems, the overexploitation of natural resources, cost of climate change, and the economic and human loss because of conflicts and disasters. Another effect as espoused in another report is the endangerment of the lives of certain plants and animals mainly due to forest reduction, pollution and hunting activities.  As technology improves, the more the problem on pollution would be hard to resolve. Those of us living in the metropolis can attest that pollution has become a problematic area to handle with. Some of us may be aware that there are some industrial companies which may be guilty in releasing dangerous levels of chemicals, oil, garbage, and sewage into the atmosphere, not to mention littering and landfills. All these  keep polluting the land, oceans, rivers and seas and if not eradicated and prevented, we might all end up extinct!

The above-featured photo only showed that the Houses of Parliament and the famous Big Ben did turn  its lights off! Did you?

Mother Nature Is Amazing: The Clouds Above Me!

Lately, I have been getting the privilege of watching beautiful images of the sky and its environment from my current vantage point which tethered me to and re-sparked my interest in photography. Mother nature has been lavished in sharing me its charming beauty of the mountains, the sun, the moon, clouds and stars. As I looked up the sky,  various landscapes, scenery and shapes of animals are being formed. I am referring to the clouds, decorating the atmosphere with vibrant hues and silky strokes.   It is just incredible to see how their heads and tails sway up in the … Continue reading Mother Nature Is Amazing: The Clouds Above Me!

Canada’s Gift To The Philippines!

The issue on Canadian’s waste being dumped in the Philippines really bothered me from the time it flared up early this year. Now, it’s Christmas time and the said waste still sit and linger in the Philippines’  soil and air. Does Philippines deserve this kind of “unwanted gift” from a country who has reputation for magnificent scenery, cleanliness and plentiful eco-friendly flora and fauna? The appalling sight of 50 (not just 1) container vans filled with hazardous wastes (household trash, old newspapers, plastic bags, adult diapers and other foul smelling materials weighing a total of 891.200.6 kilograms, equivalent to US$222,800.15 … Continue reading Canada’s Gift To The Philippines!

Reminiscing Unfriendly Haiyan (“Yolanda”): A Yea After

A year has passed after powerful Typhoon Haiyan (“Yolanda”) severely hit certain islands in the Philippiness (specifically Leyte and Samar) on that fateful early morning of November 8, 2013. Based on accounts, Yolanda was the strongest typhoon recorded in recent history. It left approximately 8,000 people dead, about 1 and a half million (1.47million) families affected (less than a million displaced) and about 1.17 million houses damaged. Most of the victims and survivors have still vivid harrowing memories of what happened on how the 315kph winds and 380kph gusts lashed the said places, leaving behind a trail of death and … Continue reading Reminiscing Unfriendly Haiyan (“Yolanda”): A Yea After

Be Good “Soils”: The Challenge of the “Sower”

When I opened the Bible (which I seldom do as most of the time my research activities are done on the Web) to check on Gospel readings for July, it surprisingly opened to where Chapter 13 of St. Matthew is inscribed, the Parable of the Sower! While this Parable may be one of the well known Bible stories, I am just not so keen about it. I don’t know why it happened that the said page was the first to open up but I felt there was a purpose, probably it was a challenge posed to me by God on … Continue reading Be Good “Soils”: The Challenge of the “Sower”

Boracay Faces Serious Environmental Threat

Decades ago, Boracay used to be a virgin small island (exactly located in the Panay island in Visayas of the Philippines) filled with unexplored natural resources (e.g. beautiful coral reefs, lush greenery, unparalleled white sands, etc.) and untouched by the commercial flair. Only a privileged few backpackers, nature and sea lovers had access to it exclusively relishing its pristine beauty. As a matter of fact not everyone of the island’s natives was aware of its existence; there was no opportunity for them to explore every nook and cranny of the place. No one has thought at that time that the … Continue reading Boracay Faces Serious Environmental Threat

Abaca/Banana Fibers: An Exotic Fabric For “Sustainable” Fashion

Who would imagine that a stiff hard fiber sourced from an “abaca” plant and/or banana plant could be used as an alternative to conventional raw materials for avant-garde clothing and other fashion accessories? This is actually true and possible!  In fact the said raw materials have been in existence and useful in some areas of the globe and in various ways even before the outbreak of World War 1! Originating from a tropical country, I have known “Abaca” plant and its utilization but regrettably I haven’t seen the tree itself with my naked eye as of yet. I understand the … Continue reading Abaca/Banana Fibers: An Exotic Fabric For “Sustainable” Fashion

Let It Snow, Let It Snow…..

  What happened on the 21st of January even off my frustration last December. I was expecting a white christmas celebration but no snowfall came. Last Saturday, however, I woke up with snowfalls gently knocking on my door! It was beautiful to see the roads all covered with fine crystals of snow. Being a snow buff, I went out straightaway to enjoy the snowfalls even if they were starting to fade away. I simply revelled in the winter beauty of the earth and the said snowfalls perfectly made my day! It's just amazing how nature make us happy! Right guys? … Continue reading Let It Snow, Let It Snow…..

How Useful Are Trees To Us – Tips and Thoughts

  Today is Arbor Day and some of us who are passionate and concerned about our environment would know the relevance of this day. Arbor, as defined in the dictionary could either mean a shady place or a trellis, referring to plants and tress. It could be surmised that the term “Arbor” originated from the Spanish words “Arbol” or in its plural form “Arboles” which means, tree or trees, respectively. Myusefultips had previously blogged about Earth Day activities, and one of the things mentioned therein was tree planting. Plants and trees are absolutely important not only in the atmosphere  but also in … Continue reading How Useful Are Trees To Us – Tips and Thoughts