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A Glass of Clean Water, Please?

Pope Francis once made a call for everyone to recognize the importance of protecting “water” as it is the “most essential element for life”. He said “humanity’s future depends on our ability to care for it and share it”. He encouraged governments to ensure that water supplies are protected and accessible to all. Definitely, the above-captioned subject with a big question mark does not emanate from some of us who have access to and can afford to pay for an adequate supply of potable drinking water. Rather, the said plea comes from those who are facing water scarcity or even … Continue reading A Glass of Clean Water, Please?

A Fashion Show For A Good Cause: Breast Cancer Awareness

My cousin who is based in Canada learned about her breast cancer 10 years ago. She was in remission for few years but unfortunately the harmful cells went beyond the affected areas, spreading to another major part of her body. But she’s amazing, she gets up each day and brave enough to fight and overcome the agony, hoping and praying for God’s miracle that her cancer cells will be eliminated. As I’m writing this blog, I can’t help but imagine the physical and emotional pain she’s currently going through. I am powerless but I can only offer my best wishes … Continue reading A Fashion Show For A Good Cause: Breast Cancer Awareness

Canada’s Gift To The Philippines!

The issue on Canadian’s waste being dumped in the Philippines really bothered me from the time it flared up early this year. Now, it’s Christmas time and the said waste still sit and linger in the Philippines’  soil and air. Does Philippines deserve this kind of “unwanted gift” from a country who has reputation for magnificent scenery, cleanliness and plentiful eco-friendly flora and fauna? The appalling sight of 50 (not just 1) container vans filled with hazardous wastes (household trash, old newspapers, plastic bags, adult diapers and other foul smelling materials weighing a total of 891.200.6 kilograms, equivalent to US$222,800.15 … Continue reading Canada’s Gift To The Philippines!

ALSA’s Ice Bucket Challenge: What’s All The Hype?

Local and international TV and social media networks have been super saturated with photos and videos of people dumping buckets of ice and cold water on their heads. It has been the buzz word and the latest craze to sweep the United States and in other countries during the second semester of this year. I have seen these challenges on TV and on the web and I thought  one thing good that drove the nominees to accept the challenge is the excitement that it brings forth. The challenge also gives nominees the chance to be acknowledged of their donations with … Continue reading ALSA’s Ice Bucket Challenge: What’s All The Hype?

How To Battle Colds and Allergies: Tips and Thoughts

Allergies (e.g. hay fever) and colds can occur any time, anywhere to any person. In frigid countries like the U.S., allergies and colds usually are at the peak in spring season of the year. It is during this time that plant blooms and pollen grains from trees get into the bodily system resulting to itchy, stuffy, sneezy, runny noses and red-teary eyes, making it miserable for one to move and do things normally. In tropical countries, it is during December (colder days) and summer (very warm) times that colds and allergies commonly happen. Based on a certain survey conducted in … Continue reading How To Battle Colds and Allergies: Tips and Thoughts

Caregiving: An Underrated Job?

Did you know that November is the National Family Caregiver Month? I really didn’t have any slightest idea that the entire month of November is dedicated for caregivers until LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) forwarded  an invitation regarding a symposium on related matters with medical practitioners of the Department of Social Work and the New York Hospital Queens (NYQH) attending the said event. The National Caregiver Month was primarily designed to honor the millions of caregivers throughout the globe, especially the women, who have persevered in their duties caring for sick loved ones, for people they don’t know from day … Continue reading Caregiving: An Underrated Job?

The Love For Dancing – Tips and Thoughts

  Just like music, dance or dancing is also a form of universal language. It's one way of socializing with other people of every race, nationality, religion or other ethnic groups throughout the world. In dancing, there is a natural expression of joyful feeling that is being drawn out from our inner selves! I'm not sure if you've experienced this but in my case dancing exudes a certain aura of peace, happiness and confidence and it also encourages other people to  join in the merry making. It's simply contagious! Dancing makes us fit and happy, and that's the reason why … Continue reading The Love For Dancing – Tips and Thoughts


  Last Monday night after completing a certain project, I got the chance to watch a live baseball game at NYC's Citifield Mets Stadium courtesy of some non profit org connections. So, what's the big deal? Nothing really, except that it was a pain in the butt as the New York Mets team lost to the Colorado Rockies after almost 4 hours of being exposed to the chilly weather, sitting, cheering and chanting, “LET'S GO METS, LET'S GO METS……, of course with the boom beat”! Seriously, the game was fun and exciting, the support and exuberance of the crowd was … Continue reading FIRST TIME TO MEET METS WITH ROCKIES – FUN SPORTS TIPS AND THOUGHTS

Helpful Tips On How To Better Use of Spare/Idle Time

    Three days ago, I joined an organization of bloggers whose objective is to utilize the clout or influence of “blogosphere” or the members’ respective blog spaces to make the world a better place. Members are expected to write or contribute something on various areas of interest which ranges from poverty, health, education, community development,  environment, migration, human rights and other facets in life. I am still contemplating on which field I would like to focus on but I would like to make sure that it is in consonance with the objectives of my blog. One area which has a … Continue reading Helpful Tips On How To Better Use of Spare/Idle Time

Practical Useful Tips To Stay Young, Live Longer, and Age Happily!

Let’s face it, majority of us women start to be mindful of our physical looks, regardless of our status in life , as we reach the age of 30’s  or even earlier.Not only that, the adolescent girls of today in fact are much even image obsessed and stressed to hell, if they don’t approve of what they see of themselves in the mirror. My take on this is that this outlook may be normal and could be attributed to our human nature – that preferably we would want as much as possible to look good , stay young and live … Continue reading Practical Useful Tips To Stay Young, Live Longer, and Age Happily!